Compelling Signs Say You’ve Found The Perfect Home

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There’s a lot that goes into looking for your first home. Trying to work out your budget, finding a mortgage, looking at locations – but that’s just the start of the process. Then comes the viewings, and finding a home that fits your fundamental requirements can be impossible, not to mention frustrating. But sometimes – only every now and again – you feel a little differently and start thinking that maybe you have found your perfect home. Here are some of the signs – some good, some bad – that might just be telling you to take the plunge.

You start projecting your possessions onto the house

When you view a house that you have no interest in, your mind will be a blank. However, if you get a good feeling, you will instantly start to imagine your beds, sofas, bookshelves and paintings being in the house already. The inside of your head will turn into a renovation TV show, and inspiration will start to fire. In short, you start to imagine yourself living in that house, and picture how that life will look.

You forget about your dealbreakers

Everyone has deal breakers that they just won’t consider going without. Except, of course, when they find the perfect home. There are people out there who swear they want to live in a house, but then come across an incredible apartment for sale that they just can’t refuse. Some people might insist on a huge kitchen, but fold at the knees when they discover a small kitchen property has a loft conversion with incredible views. If you are willing to consider dropping your deal breakers, there is a good chance you have found the perfect property.

You aren’t overly concerned with damage or flaws

Some properties you view will need a considerable amount of work done to them before you can feel happy with moving in. But when you first see ‘the one’ you won’t care one little jot. All the flaws will be forgiven – you’ll work it out later, or find the money from somewhere. The point is, despite all the damage and wear and tear; you can picture yourself living there for many years to come. This is one area where you will need to be careful, however. Try not to let your emotions blur the bigger picture. While a few repairs or renovations will be within anyone’s reach, you don’t want to start chasing a property if it’s going to cost you a fortune to make good.

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You phone a friend

OK, so you might not physically call your friend, but you might picture yourself doing so on the very day you move in. Why? Because even though the property is full of someone else’s stuff, you know you are going to be proud to show it off. It has all the elements you are looking for – and some ultra cool extras, too. Perhaps it has some unusual alcoves that would make an incredible cozy corner, or maybe a basement space that you can picture being the perfect place for a party. The point is, if you instantly start feeling like sharing a property that you haven’t bought yet with your friends, there is a good chance you should make a bid!

‘The feeling.’

Sometimes a home can feel so comfortable, warm, and welcoming that it makes your stomach flutter. Be careful. Just like falling in love when you are a teenager usually ends in a painful experience, it’s the same when you are inexperienced in buying a home. You might end up offering way over the odds for the house, or feel devastated if you are outbid. Ask any savvy property investor, and they will all tell you the same thing: try and keep your emotions out of the game.

You can compromise

When you are looking for a new home as a couple, it can be an incredibly painful experience. One of you will fall in love with one home, while the other will hate it – and vice versa. But if you are both impressed – even without being blown away – by a home, then it’s an excellent sign. At best, you will make a bid and be living there within the space of a few months. At worst, you will at least have an idea of what sort of home you will both be happy with.

You start getting possessive

So, when you walk out of the viewing, how are you feeling? Do you forget about the house in an instant? Or do you start plotting how you can ensure it will end up in your hands? Maybe you‘ll even hang around for the entire viewing period, trying to persuade prospective buyers that there are thousands of pounds of repairs to make and that the neighbours are simply awful. These simple signs of feeling possessive are also a sure sign you have found the perfect home. And who knows, in your tigerish mood, maybe you’ll just get it!

It’s within your budget

This can be another bad sign to watch out for, but ultimately, it is a key to making your decision. If you can afford it and the home is anything more than OK, there is every chance you will settle for it – and make a bid. Just be careful that you aren’t making that bid purely because you are frustrated. Buying a home is such a big decision, and you don’t want purchase a place just to get on the property ladder. Just because you can afford it, it doesn’t mean you will be able to live in it. Bide your time, be patient, and wait until you find a home that does more for you than ‘just OK.’

You don’t want to go to any more viewings

Finally, when you think you have found the perfect home, that tends to be it – you don’t want to continue your search. No more viewings; there’s no point. Your heart, your head, and your instincts are all telling you the same thing: buy the house! Just be careful not to put all your eggs in the same basket, as we discussed before. You could be outbid, something could fall through, and it might not happen. But you won’t know without trying; so get bidding – and good luck!


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