5 Essentials For Your First-Ever Road Trip

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Before you set off on your first ever road trip, there are plenty of preparations you should take and account for. Of course, no road trip is always spared from its share of problems or emergencies. But what items can you pack that are both essential for your safety and enjoyment? Here’s a list of important road trip tips you’ll want to consider before getting on the open road.

1. Visit Your Mechanic

Before you hit the road, make sure your car is in tip-top condition. Visit your mechanic for a tune-up, oil change and tire check. Wear on tires increases the likelihood of a flat — and you don’t want your road trip bogged down by a flat tire. If your tires are showing their age, it’s time to shop for replacements. Tirebuyer.com offers a huge selection of tires and can ship any in its inventory to a certified dealer free of charge.

2. Prepare for the Worst

Chances are the worst event to happen on your road trip will be a flat tire or oil change. However, there’s not harm in being prepared. Before you leave, make sure you have all the typical car essentials, including jumper cables, a spare tire, car jack, tire iron and a can of extra gas. You should also consider purchasing a AAA membership, as the agency’s venerable roadside assistance service can come in handy when you least expect it. Additionally, you’ll want to include a first aid kit with your emergency supplies.

3. Expect the Best

Road trips lead you down paths you’d never imagine. Be prepared for the high life, especially the great outdoors. For those who are nightlife inclined, include a lint roller, lipstick, make-up bag and moisturizer as an extension to your toiletries bag. For those who are called by the great outdoors, pack a comfortable and durable pair of trail shoes as well as sunblock and a light daypack. Breathable outdoor apparel is also essential.

4. Make the Car Ride Enjoyable

If you love stories and first-person narratives, a subscription to Audible will get you your favorite books in audio format. Likewise, you can also download your favorite podcasts on iPhone and Android devices. These apps will make the days and hours feel shorter when you need to put some miles behind you. But, then again, there’s no better company than the company of a good friend. Wherever you go, recruit a road trip companion or two for this adventure, as it will make the experience more fun and safe in the process.

5. Document Your Adventures

Document your trip on social media, a website, or blog. Weebly and Squarespace, for example, both offer a user-friendly experience to create a website. Meantime, Blogger and WordPress offer free blogging services. So make sure to bring along a tablet or laptop to document your adventure. Friends and family will no-doubt appreciate the updates and adventures from afar. Furthermore, when you post an update, friends and family know where you are. That way, if you run into trouble, the people who care about you most will be informed of your whereabouts.


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