How Hospitality Lighting Can Influence Customer Experience in Hotels

Hospitality Lighting in hotel bar

Hospitality Lighting

Hospitality industry includes resorts and hotels and has become highly competitive nowadays. As a result, hotel owners are trying hard to make their business stand out in the crowd. Hospitality lighting is one among them. It is a combination of science and art and is responsible for creating a welcoming atmosphere. Choosing the appropriate lighting system for each area is a challenging task. Both natural and artificial lighting can influence guest’s mood and hotel’s atmosphere. Lighting should be versatile and adaptable to meet every expectations of guests. Poor lighting can cause discomfort and sometimes insecurity.

In a hospitality setting, the main focus should be on customer’s experience. Here are a few steps you should follow to focus on hotel guest experience which will drive direct bookings and increase the hotel’s reputation. Hospitality lighting can influence the way facility is recognized by guests. These lights are ideal for illuminating lobby, guest rooms, dining area, parking lots, and other areas. Also, there are number of aspects to consider when designing lighting plans such as lighting efficiency, durability of the lamp, maintenance or replacement cost, light distribution, and more.


Enhancing the hospitality lighting in some of the main areas of a hotel can create everlasting impression on customers and will improve hotel to a great extent.

  • HOTEL EXTERIOR: A customer’s experience begins even before he/she enters the hotel. However, hotel management team can create a cordial welcome using lighting effect and highlighting hotel’s architectural designs. Nowadays, many hotels use automated system to monitor and operate lighting system. There should be proper lighting facility in staircases, elevators, and pathways, to ensure the safety of guests.
  • LOBBIES: Structure and presentation of the hotel lobby will create the first impression. So, it is very important to create the “wow” factor. To achieve this, hotels can make use of down lights, table lamps, and energy efficient LED lights. Combination of natural and electric light can enhance the visual representation. So, make sure that there is a light transition from exterior to interior and vice versa. Hotel staff can set the mood through proper lighting and ensure that the lobby always feels welcoming.

Hospitality Lighting in hotel lobby

Hospitality Lighting

  • GUEST BED ROOM AND BATH ROOM: Pleasant lighting in the bed room can make guests feel like home. Proper lighting for grooming, reading, and safety is highly essential. Mounted lights provide necessary lighting in the room, whereas down-lights are recommended in the entry path. In bathrooms, shadow free vanity lights are highly preferred as they are suitable for personal grooming. Also, nightlights are must, because this eliminates the need to leave bathroom lights on all night.
  • RESTAURANTS: These lights can create ambience depending on the design of the restaurant. Here the main goal is to illuminate the table while adding architectural lighting elements to enhance visual presentation.
  • BALLROOM: Ballrooms are used for different events such as wedding, conference, meeting, trade shows, and more. So, adaptability and flexibility of lighting is a major factor to be considered here. Smart-connected lighting system can be used to control lighting. In ballrooms, lighting needs to be dimmable for video conferencing and presentations.
  • FITNESS CENTRE: Do not over-light the exercise room, it might impact guest’s mood. It is safe to use durable, energy efficient lighting.
  • PARKING AREA: LED lighting solutions with monitoring system delivers an energy efficient and well-lit atmosphere in parking area. Uniform illumination makes guests feel safe and secured.

All in all, a perfect hotelier will invest right amount of time and thinking into creating a perfect and ultimate ambience which is a paramount for customers to pay frequent visits to the same hotel.And, hospitality lighting will help to provide guests with a home-away-from-home feeling.


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