Flooring Design Trends

Flooring Design Trends wood flooring

Flooring trends change faster than you can blink, with new designs coming up while older ones become less popular. This article will bring you a quick 4-1-1 on what flooring trends to expect in the upcoming year for your kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodeling project.

Same Materials New Looks

To give homeowners more options, manufacturers are coming up with new ways to present ordinary materials. Take ceramic and porcelain tiles for example. They can be made to look exactly like wood, marble, marble, slate and a variety of other materials. When you go shopping for ceramic tiles, suddenly there are dozens of choices to pick from.

Another flooring material receiving this treatment is wood. New staining methods and finishes have created a dizzying range of options for homeowners to choose from. When shopping around, expect products like bleached wood, distressed wood, fumed wood and many others.


Technology has undoubtedly played a huge role in the trends we are seeing. In the case of tiles, it is not just the looks that can be designed to mimic other materials, the texture too. Instead of the usual glass-smooth surface of ceramic tiles, tiles are given an authentic wood grain texture. To make the tiles even more realistic, they can be cut into wood-like planks. With such tiles, it will be almost impossible to differentiate the tile floor from an actual hardwood floor.

Technology advancements have led to the use of new finishing techniques to produce products like fumed and blanched wood. Flooring materials traditionally seen as low quality have been revamped into durable and beautiful materials. Vinyl flooring is a good example of this. Today, we have luxury vinyl tile (LVT) that is regarded as a mid to high-end flooring material.

This year, we will see flooring technology reach new heights. Homeowners can expect a wider variety of options designed to meet individual preferences, needs and budgets.

Bold Colors and Patterns

The last few years have seen modern décor gain in popularity, with neutral colors seeing more use in homes. But we have started to see homeowners going for bold patterns and colors. This mostly occurs in form of accent decorations on the walls or flooring. A vivid yellow accent wall in the living room is a good example. Another increasingly popular option is the use of graphic tiles in places like the bathroom or kitchen. Patterned tiles are also becoming a favorite for areas like the backsplash and walk-in showers.

Neutral colors will remain the dominant décor for this upcoming year with bold splashes of color and patterns providing a unique and refreshing backdrop. For homeowners who want to be a little daring, there plenty of colorful options in the market from graphic tiles to vibrant new colors.

See the Hottest Trends

Whether you are building a new home or planning a renovation, you’ll have to make several flooring decisions. What materials will you use? What overall style do you go for? How much should you spend? Visit Sebring Services for additional flooring trends to get inspired.


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