Family Fun Day Ideas

Family Fun Day Ideas gathering at table

Organising the perfect family fun day doesn’t have to be a stressful or taxing endeavour, nor does it need to break the bank. In fact, organising your family fun event can often be just as much fun as participating in it if you have the right guidance. Below are a few simple and easy ideas for planning a fun, exciting, and memorable, family fun day together.

Plan a Beach Day

There are few things as fun and relaxing as a warm and tranquil day at the beach. It also provides the perfect setting to not only take time to rest and unwind, but also boost your immune system with some good old fashioned physical activity. In addition to bringing your beach towels and sunscreen, pack up some badminton racquets, volleyballs, and Frisbees etc, for some fun filled family games on the beach. You can even organise tournaments to add a touch of friendly family competition into the mix.

It’s also a great idea to pack a variety of small shovels and buckets for the little ones to play in the sand with. You can even organise a sand castle building competition! Make sure to have plenty of snacks and refreshments on hand, to allow everyone to keep fuelled and hydrated for throughout the busy day. ( Fish and chips on the beach before you return home is a wonderful way to round off the day!

Take a Family Camping Trip

There are few things as comforting and relaxing as being surrounded by nature’s beauty whilst in the company of your loved ones. Organising a camping trip that includes several family members is both a fun, and cost effective way of getting the whole family together over the warm summer months. Even something as simple as an evening family sing along by the fire can really bring a family together. If you or your family members live in the city, a camping trip offers a great way to take in some fresh air, and unwind from the busy city life.

Organise a Murder Mystery Event

Organising a murder mystery event is an interactive, and unique, way to entertain family members of all ages; it’s also heaps of fun! You can plan the whodunnit plot yourself, to have at your or one of your family member’s’ home, or better yet, book a professional murder mystery events company to arrange the whole thing. This will mean a fun and engaging murder mystery game that come complete with a delicious meal to enjoy while you participate. You can have them at a number of destinations, and can even book weekend breaks to make the whole experience last a little longer!

Family Game Night

Many families today have taken to designating a “family game night” as a way to not only bring the family together, but also to encourage everyone to step away from their computer and smartphone screens as well. Whether you choose to have several board games on hand for everyone to enjoy, or just a deck of cards, family game night offers an easy and cheap way to entertain family for the evening. Make family game night even more fun by having lots of refreshments and tasty treats on hand to snack on. Or organise a potluck with other family members to lessen the host’s work.

Taking time to engage in even the simplest activities together will not only be a fun and memorable experience for your family, it can strengthen your families bond as well!


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