Uncramp Your Style: Tips for a Minimalist Home

Uncramp Your Style: Tips for a Minimalist Home flowers

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Right now, when it comes to home interiors, less is more. That is not to say that you necessarily need to spend less money on making your home look good, but rather that you should invest your money in a few quality pieces, rather than stacking it to the rafters with cheap tat. This is a design principle known as ‘Minimalism.’

Minimalism is all about carefully curating the stuff you have in your home, so that every single object, every stick or furniture and every tool you have in your home is either useful, practical or pleasing to you in some way. Minimal homes do not have lots of clutter; they are simple, elegant and spacious.

If this sounds like a dream come true to you, check out these essential tips for creating a minimalist home that still has warmth and personality:

Go for Quality

Since you will be buying less of everything, you can afford to spend your home interior budget on beautiful, high-quality pieces, which have been made by artisans using the best materials. Not only will your home look much more impressive, but quality pieces will last forever and rarely go out of style.

If It Doesn’t Bring You Pleasure, Bin It!

Organising legend Marie Kondo says that if something isn’t useful and it doesn’t bring you joy, you should consider it unwanted rubbish and dispose of it. This might sound extreme, but we all have so many things cluttering up our homes that we never use and would never miss, that it makes sense to sort through our possessions and have a good clean out. What’s the point in having a whole lot of unwanted rubbish lying around your home? Having a good clean out will give you more space and result in a cleaner, more pleasant home, and with dirt cheap rubbish removal being just a click-away there’s no better time to get started than now! Yes, you could spend a whole weekend carting all your unwanted items to the waste recycling facility yourself, but why would you when there are other affordable waste removal options which make it so easy?

Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

Uncramp Your Style: Tips for a Minimalist Home stucco chairs

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A lot of people are under the impression that minimalism is all about rooms that resemble sterile white boxes, and although many minimalist subscribe to this style, just as many don’t. In fact, painting the walls in your favourite colours is one of the best ways of introducing colour and style without introducing stuff.

Choose a Statement Piece

Instead of filling your home with lots of paintings, ornaments and little design touches, if you want to create a minimalist home, you should concentrate on picking one eye-catching statement piece for each room and adding very little else into the mix.

Classic Design

Whether you are buying a new couch or renovating your kitchen, it is much better to choose pieces which are classical in design because they will help to create a tasteful space, add a bit of warmth to the room, and always be fashionable no matter what you decide to do with your home in the future.

Add Texture

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There is a danger with minimalist design that rooms will feel too cold and clinical, but this can easily be prevented by adding lots of textures to a room. A simple throw or a couple of plump cushions can work wonders without adding too much clutter.

Minimalist design is not for everyone, but if you want to have more breathing space in your home, less stuff and more time, it might be just the thing to make you love your home again.


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