How to Find a Job Straight Out of College

Find a Job straight out of college monitor searching

As you near the end of your online masters in counseling at Bradley University it’s time to start thinking about your career and making your mark in the world. Your masters in counseling programs have no doubt prepared you well, but that doesn’t meant it will be quick and easy to find that first job.

There are plenty of other new graduates just like you, looking to find a job in their field, so what can you do to help ensure you get noticed and you find a job? Here’s a look at some simple tips and advice you can use to help in your job search.

Get to Know Career Services

Career Services is an excellent networking tool when it comes to finding that first job out of college. There is no need to wait until the end of your degree program, as you can start to speak with them in the months leading to your completion. Here you can get help writing cover letters and resumes, check out the internal job board, connect to others who are in your same shoes, and just get general guidance.

Cast a Bigger Net

While it would be great to get your dream job right out of college this doesn’t usually happen. It may be necessary to cast your net a little bit bigger. Anything that can help to further your knowledge and give you experience in your chosen field will help you in the long run. It will look great on your resume and act as that all-important first stepping stone.

Stay Positive

This can be easier said than done. Obviously you got your degree so you could work in your chosen field and make a different helping people. Just because it takes a little longer than you anticipated doesn’t mean it won’t happen. You need to approach each interview fresh with a positive and confident attitude.

Get Blogging

If you haven’t already started to blog, then there is no time like the present. This is a great way to start carving out a niche and credibility for yourself before you even graduate. If you keep your blog professional and informative, you’ll even be able to use it on your resume or as a talking point in interviews.

Consider Volunteering

Obviously the end goal is to be in a paid position, but there is nothing wrong with spending a little time volunteering in your field. This is an excellent way to get on-the-job experience and do a little networking in the process. By volunteering you will also get first-hand knowledge of how the field works so you’re prepared when you do get a job.

Patience Will Pay Off

Finding a job out of college is the goal of all new graduates, but often patience is required in the process. Try not to stress or worry if it seems to be taking longer than you anticipated. Just put these tips in motion and move forward in your search.


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