6 Useful Tips for the Travelling Student

Travelling Student looking out at mountains

If you are planning to travel abroad to study, you should take some time to read the following travel tips. They will help you to make the best of your trip, overcome any fears you may have, and enable you to take advantage of student discounts and cheaper rates.

1. Consult Overseas Study Experts

When you plan to go abroad for a short course of study, you need to get a lot of questions answered. Will I be able to afford the expenses? Will the courses I choose give me credits for my major back home? Are my grades high enough to qualify me for acceptance?

For answers to these and other pertinent questions, you should speak to experts in your study abroad department. They will help you to discover opportunities to enjoy scholarships, and meet up with GPA requirements. In addition, you could study online during your trip. For example, the online master in liberal studies offers you the unique chance to study for a graduate degree whether you are at home or abroad.

2. Schedule Your Trip during the Off-Peak Season

You can benefit from lower prices if you travel at times with low passenger demand. Avoid travelling to places like Europe at the end of summer. During July and August (school holidays), so many people want to go there for summer. So plan your flight for a much earlier period or go after the peak season.

3. Work with Youth-friendly Tour Agencies

Some tour agencies love to help students, so you should seek them out and use their low cost travel service. You might get a large student discount that will drastically reduce the cost of both air and rail travel.

4. Combine Work and Travel

You could land a great travel deal that will take care of your expenses if you decide to work as an intern. The work experience you acquire will also count towards improving your resume. Go to the careers office at your university and ask about summer internship programs or openings for volunteer work abroad. For instance, you can get opportunities to teach English in Africa and Thailand.

5. Serve as a Volunteer

While you are a student, you have a great opportunity to travel and take advantage of exchange programs and study tours. You can also volunteer to help the less privileged when you travel. This will make it easier for you to get employed after graduation. While volunteering, you can also enroll for an online master in liberal studies at the Rutgers Online University.

6. Get a Student Discount Credit Card

Some cards offer great discounts on airfares, food, museums and accommodation. You could save hundreds of dollars. Before you visit anywhere, ask if they offer students discounts. You will be pleased to discover that most tourist sites, museums and transport companies offer special student discounts. Always take your student card and ID with you so you can enjoy these special privileges.

These tips will allow you to enjoy your next tour without breaking your budget.


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