Just Moved In? Here Are 5 Emergency Contacts You Need to Remember for Your New Home

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First of all, if you’ve just moved into your first home or rental apartment, then congratulations! You’ve just taken a step that many people can only dream of taking. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small home, luxurious apartment or a run-down student accommodation—there’s plenty of reason to celebrate a move to gain independence.

However, don’t let that initial high overwhelm your senses and blind you from the responsibilities you have. Since you might be living on your own or away from people you relied on in the past, you might feel like you’ve become responsible for pretty much everything in the house—and that’s true! You are now the head of the house and everything has to be done by your own hands. Cooking meals? You. Cleaning the toilet? You. Repairing the lights? Still you!

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a DIY journey of discovery. There are many contact numbers you should keep handy in the event that something does go wrong. So to help you settle into your new responsibilities as the head of the house, here are five important contact numbers that you should keep around.

Emergency Services

Unless you’ve moved country, then you most likely know most of your emergency contact numbers. However, it’s never a bad idea to keep them written down by your landline phone or to keep them handy in the event you suffer injuries and need a friend or family member to call for you.


A plumber is one of the most common numbers you’ll be contacting anytime you feel like you have a problem with your water. Whether it’s low water pressure in the shower, a boiler problem or malfunction, or perhaps a leaky pipe—they are all concerns that your plumber will take care of. Just make sure to contact them and speak about pricing first because you never want to get caught by extreme fees from plumbers that charge by the hour.


If you’re renting a property then it’s vital that you get your landlord’s phone number so you can contact him for repairs and problems. If you have noisy neighbours, broken appliances or need your home checked, then you have to go through your landlord first. Keep in mind that all repairs and maintenance are usually handled by the landlord, so save your money and contact them before you contact the repair people.

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Most major electricity providers will have contact numbers for 24/7 service. You need to make sure you save these numbers in case your house goes through a power outage or you experience other problems like flickering lights or appliances turning off at random times. This could be due to bad electrical wiring, so keep that number handy and never take risks. If you have issues with electrical wiring, http://www.lolaelectrical.co.uk can be your source for a registered electrician who is qualified to help out!

Phone or Internet Provider

It has become popular to rely on mobile phones instead of landline numbers. Unfortunately, you usually have to pay for line rental to get internet access, so the landline phone will automatically come with your internet package. It’s a good idea to save the number of your internet and phone provider in case you experience a slow connection or complete loss of service—especially if you rely on the internet for work.


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