Plan your ultimate North American Road Trip

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If you’re planning an adventure this year, a North American road trip could be exactly what you need to set your senses alight.

The great American road trip is one of the most iconic journeys you can embark on, while exploring Canada by car combines breath-taking scenery with a melting pot of different cultures.

A helpful infographic from suggests eight spectacular journeys for every type of adventurer. From hair-raising mountains passes in British Columbia to scenic, coastal cruises in California, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on a North American road trip.

Fans of the Great Outdoors will certainly enjoy Canada’s Sea-to-Sky Highway, which snakes its way from the mountains of Whistler to the bustling metropolis of Vancouver, a truly exhilarating city set against a stunning backdrop. This road trip also gives you time to stop and admire the Shannon Falls, one of the tallest and most majestic waterfalls in British Columbia.

Another option for outdoorsy adventurers is the Dempster Highway, also in Canada, which is best enjoyed in a 4X4, so you can really explore the rugged terrain of the Yukon wilderness. You’ll cross the Arctic Circle, learn about the fascinating history of Canada’s first nations, and you might even spot a bear or caribou.

If sun kissed beaches and ocean vistas are more of your thing, we suggest you head south for California’s Pacific Coast Highway, which stretches from the top of the state to Orange County, passing through San Francisco on the way. You’ll have to deal with the fog that envelopes the city on many mornings, but it lifts later in the day, so you can really appreciate the elegant splendour of this cosmopolitan city. Make sure you hop on the ferry to Alcatraz Island! The tour of the prison is truly one of the US’ best historical attractions.

Head to the very bottom of the US and you’ll uncover the glitz and glamour of the Florida Keys. Start your journey in Miami – home to art deco buildings, Cuban-inspired neighbourhoods and a buzzing nightlife scene, it’s no coincidence that Miami is known as the Magic City.

After you’ve mingled among the beautiful people and watched the sun set over pearly white beaches, why not rent an open-top car and drive further south? You can dine on fresh seafood on the Islamorada waterfront and for desert, order an authentic key lime pie in Cudjoe Key.

But what’s an American road trip without Route 66? Starting in Chicago and passing through St Louis and Oklahoma City, road trips don’t get more iconic than this. Tales of Route 66 have already been immortalised by American writers like John Steinbeck and Jack Kerouac, now it’s time to make your own memories.

You’re going to need to make plenty of time to enjoy Santa Monica, the final stop of your Route 66 adventure. There’s nothing quite like strolling along Santa Monica Pier on a sunny afternoon. It’s a landmark that’s appeared on postcards for over 100 years. The Ferris Wheel is well worth a ride!

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