Beauty Looks for Your Wedding Reception

Your Wedding beauty tips and looks

There’s a ring now on your finger. Hooray! Now what? Your wedding preparation should start as soon as possible. Since you are already engaged, there are many things that you need to do and accomplish before you walk down the aisle.

Planning your wedding can be quite tiring and overwhelming. You need to decide on a variety of aspects of your wedding, such as wedding catering, venue, choosing the right wedding planner, photographer, hairstylist, and decorations, among others.

One of the essential details that you also need to consider is choosing your wedding makeup. For bride-to-be like you, choosing the wedding makeup is one of the hardest decisions you will make throughout the wedding preparation. Makeup can either make or break your wedding look. So, it is important to choose the right makeup that complements your style and personality. Here are some easy ways on how to switch up your look and style after you said I do.

Highlight and Contour

Your Wedding face contouring

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Shimmering and contouring can definitely give you wonder. Do you want bigger and brighter eyes? Do you want to achieve high cheekbones? Highlighting and contouring are the answers! These makeup tricks allow you to slim your face and to highlight your best facial features, when applied correctly into your face. When contouring, opt for a cream or powder since these are easier to blend and tend to look more natural.

Go For Dark Lippie

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If you went for a soft and minimal look during your wedding ceremony, you can consider having a bold and dark look for your reception. The key is a bold lip color. You can choose from red, crimson, plum, and black cherry. Opt for a matte lipstick to have a long-lasting natural look. Make sure to change into your preferred festive shade before hitting the dance floor!

Opt for White Eyeliner

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Walking down the aisle and exchanging vows are not the only important events in a wedding ceremony. You still have another ceremony where you have to flash that smile of yours and maintain the beauty of your look—the wedding reception. To maintain and create a well-rested look, put white eyeliner in your eye lids and blend it evenly so just a subtle hint of it is left. Then, using black eyeliner, trace your top lash line. Add a pinch of pink or peach blush cream to your cheeks and lips. This makeup trick will create simple yet fresh look.

Apart from these recommended beauty looks for your wedding reception, make sure to read the best bb cream reviews in the Philippines so that you can have the best makeup base for your wedding look. BB creams are essential in a makeup kit since it works as concealer, foundation, and moisturizer in one. Getting a professional makeup artist for your wedding might be a good choice since you can have the look you always wanted for your wedding. However, if you are planning on some DIY wedding makeup, we hope that this handy guide on wedding reception beauty looks can help you achieve the perfect bridal look!

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