Vacuuming Home Motivation Tips – How to Get?

Home Motivation Tips vacuuming

Whether you own the most expensive vacuum cleaner with the most incredible features or just a broom and dustpan, cleaning the house remains a task dreaded by so many. The thought of vacuuming your house usually feels rewarding at first but when you need to start the job, its either procrastination or laziness that creeps in. This article gives you superb tips that will act as motivation for vacuuming homes. If followed religiously, you will be amazed at the little effort you require to get off that couch and start your regular vacuuming schedule.
Recreate a comfortable setting

To be able to enjoy your vacuuming, the first thing you should do is make your environment as comfortable as possible. Shower, dress in comfortable clothes such as yoga pants. The clothes should allow you to move and maneuver around with ease. Have a meal as you may actually need some energy to do this. Get all your cleaning supplies ready. Turn on your favorite music and get to work. This makes the whole vacuuming procedure a lot easier.

Start small and easy

Starting with smaller tasks such as wiping the table or making your bed tends to keep you at maximum energy as you move closer to the harder tasks. Do not start in a rush; take it easy as you still have enough time ahead of you. Do not struggle to be too perfect on minute details such as tiny stains that have refused to come out.

Ask for help

This must not necessarily be paid help in the form of the expensive professional cleaners. If you have kids, they can help take care of the lighter chores such as wiping the tables, countertops, cooking appliances and cabinets. You could even ask for a friend’s help in return for helping them when their turn to vacuum their house comes. If you own only a single vacuum, you can consider renting another to be used by the person helping you. This helps give you company and gets rid of the boredom and laziness that comes with vacuuming the house on your own.

Set a timer

First, you should be able to schedule your cleaning early enough. This helps you get enough cleaning supplies and products in good time and you will also be able to plan the whole day in advance. When the time to vacuum your house comes, you need to set a timer with consideration to how long you need to take and even the small breaks you will take in between the cleaning. This motivates you to work within the set time.

Avoid distractions

The biggest distraction in modern life is technology. Having to pick phone calls, watch the TV for a while, checking emails on your laptop or even checking text messages on your phone can terribly distract you from vacuuming your home. Before starting your cleaning routine, switch off all these devices, especially if you are sure you will be tempted to use them. Some people really enjoy listening to music as they work while some find it distracting. On this, go with your preference as music is less distracting as compared to videos and messaging as it is quite passive.

Set up a routine

Having a vacuuming routine makes it easier to perform it whenever the set time comes. This way, your body and mind will be able to adjust to your routine and they somewhat have a reflex to vacuuming whenever it’s time for the routine. You can set your vacuuming for once or twice a week and you will definitely enjoy the rewards.

Have a to-do list

Having a list of all the areas you need vacuumed has a way of keeping the home owner on track in terms of their cleaning chores. Having these in order of priority makes it even more reliable. By having such a to-do list, you will concentrate on each bit of the job and ensure that each has been performed perfectly before moving to the next. This also tends to push you to work faster as you are always aware of the amount of work awaiting you.

Vacuum early in the day

For most people, mornings are the time when they are most energetic. This is why it is advisable to vacuum your house earlier in the day. Since you will be more energetic, you will definitely be able to work faster and better as compared to late in the evening. Anyway, the trick is in finding the period when you are most energetic and stick to it.

Vacuum frequently

Vacuuming your home frequently makes you prepared to repeat the whole procedure over and over again with ease. Let’s say, frequently vacuuming makes it a habit for you and the next time you need to do so, you won’t have to go through the lamenting and cursing. This also reduces the amount of dirt pile-up hence making vacuuming much easier and in turn leading to motivation to keep vacuuming your home.

Reward yourself

Making it a routine to reward yourself every time you vacuum your home will act as one of the greatest motivating factors. Every time you think about vacuuming, it will be directly related to your best meal, going to your favorite restaurant or even a glass of wine as you watch a movie. Though, this needs a little discipline as some of you may decide to reward yourselves for an incomplete job.


A tidy and clean home has a way of keeping our minds and body at peace. As much as vacuuming may seem like punishment, it is ultimately a blessing to our health, general well-being and peace of mind. The above tips will help us gain the psyche to get up, grab that vacuum cleaner and clean the whole house. They are the most reliable kind of motivation for anyone who feels tired or lazy to vacuum their home and they have been proven to work across the whole world.


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