Pulling Off The Perfect Picnic This Summer

The Perfect Picnic outside wine and blanket

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Summertime and the living is easy…unless there’s a line of ants working their way over the wine bottle. Unless there’s a hive of bees who have set up camp above your front door so you can’t leave. Unless… well, you get it. Summer is one of the best seasons of the year for outdoor living and picnics but with warm weather comes bees, flies, spiders and ants. All manner of bugs that are there just moseying on, living their lives but at the same time ruining the picnic.You can keep little critters away from your long-awaited picnic but firstly, you’ve got to pull it off. Depending on where you live, picnics can be a difficult  

Batten down the hatches!

You have to make it difficult for pests to get in. it’s a little different if you’re out in the park and you’ve a line of ants trekking their way over the blanket. But when that ant line makes its way through the garden and into your kitchen, you need to set up a defence. By all means, call pest control companies if dealing with bugs just isn’t your thing. Otherwise, head out to the local hardware shop and pick up ant powder. Block up small holes by the windows and doors that usually let in spiders and generally barricade them out!

The Perfect Picnic bee buzzing around flower

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Keep it clean.

Crumbs are a lifeline for small bugs. Cockroaches, bluebottle flies and ants thrive in unclean environments. If you keep on top of cleaning the floors in between meals, you won’t be leaving out a delicious treat for creepy crawlies.

Leave the outside, outside.

Bringing in children’s garden toys may be fun for a day, but unless you wipe it down thoroughly first you are leaving your home open to tiny bugs that you may not see initially. Make sure you give everything a wash before you bring it inside.


Standing water is loved by mosquitoes in the summer as a breeding ground. It is prime real estate for mosquitoes to make a new family and then you’ll be dealing with swarms. Regularly check drains, gutters and bird baths for standing stale water and empty them out.

Sweet and low!

Fruit and vegetables that are left in the sun – so fruit bowls on the counter – are an open house for fruit flies, which are a total pain to get rid of. Make sure they stay fresh! The perfect excuse to get the kids eating their fruit and veggies!

Screen time

We need the windows open in the summer for an ever-elusive breeze, but that’s an open area for bugs and pests to come flying in. Buying mesh window screens or hanging net curtains can make all the difference and doesn’t have to cost much money!

The Perfect Picnic kids playing in the sunlight

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There is plenty you can do to ensure that this summer so that you remain bug-free in the home and don’t go off screaming and being chased by bees. Being vigilant about the possible pest problems your home could have will ensure that you have a perfectly zen summer holiday!


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