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“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”—Bill Cunningham

Not all of us were born on gold and glitter, but we sure were born with a sense of understanding it, loving it and implementing it in our everyday life through pieces of clothes we oh-so-diligently put on our backs, day by day. With an indescribable ache in the heart we’ll loathe the fact we can’t afford the latest de la Renta but we’ll suck it in and use what we’ve got, turning even the most plain of outfits into phenomenal pieces, using our fashion sense, keen eye and loving energy for style.

To all of you gorgeous girls and women out there who very much appreciate the importance of elegance and enjoy leaving a phenomenal impression without having to say much, we’re putting together a list of key aspects that will help you elevate your style and look expensive at any given moment.

Mind the size


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While this one may sound too obvious, it is a very common mistake; fearing they’ll look too big or too small, women tend to go off their number and wear ill-fitted items, hoping to cover up or slim down. The key to looking sharp, self-assured and better than everyone else is being confident in your size and wearing clothes that fit. Always pick the right size for you, and feel amazing wearing it.

Have it flat-ironed

No matter how expensive or beautiful your clothing items are, if wrinkled – they’ll give away that homeless, cheap, careless vibe no one enjoys. Make sure your clothes are flat-ironed and fitted, regardless of what you are wearing. A tailored suit will look just as dashing as a flowy summer dress will when ironed properly.

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Know your color

The magnitude of color-coding importance is limitless; what you wear can be your absolute success or fashion failure if the color is off.

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Experts in the fashion industry advise wearing neutral colors, like nude, mauve, earthly colors, white, and black, for an absolute rich effect. A camel skirt combined with a black top and an oversized camel coat will look spectacular for a day lunch date. Upgraded with an interesting piece of accessory or a nude extravagant heel, you’ll be instantly ready for a luxurious gathering or a partner meeting at the firm.

Sneaks and a mauve bodycon will look runway-ready on you; add a pair of pilot sunnies into the mix, and you’re already a million bucks.

Master the accessories game

A piece of accessories can either make or break an outfit, so make sure you choose wisely. Accessories come and go and they are often lined with the ongoing trends, which is making them very disposable fashion items, the type you’ll throw away and forget about within a week.

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To avoid being a victim of fast fashion, master your accessories game by figuring out what looks good on you and what makes you feel powerful. Is your key item a wide brim hat or those amazing round retro sunnies? Do you feel like a million bucks wearing that glittery clutch or those slim black pointy heels? Are statement necklaces or bud diamond earrings your game? Figure it out, embrace it and work with it! Don’t let trends dictate your taste – be the one who is setting trends. Oh and – don’t ever be afraid to experiment and follow your fashion instincts!

Buy a few staple pieces

Fashion comes and goes, but your personal reaction to a piece of clothing, that one emotion you get when you wear an item – remains forever. Instead of overstuffing your closet with items you barely like and (honestly) don’t even need – invest in a few fabulous staple pieces that are not only phenomenal on their own but are easy to combine with other items.

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Make it your business to explore neighborhood vintage shops, go online and dive into the surprisingly amazing world of online fashion, go to thrift shops or even see what can be saved from your mom’s closet… you won’t regret it!

Wear perfume

As Ms Chanel put it, a woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future. Make sure you have one.


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