Tips On Setting And Reaching Goals

Tips On Setting And Reaching Goals
Tips On Setting And Reaching Goals

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As a New Year begins, it’s common to set goals that we we want to achieve over the next 12 months. However, it’s also just as common for many of those New Year’s resolutions to have been left by the wayside before we’ve even got to March. This year, take a different approach to make sure that you’re not looking back and wondering what ever happened to those big plans you had – not again!

Evaluate Where You Are Today

Sometimes we leap into a new project or plan without really considering it; we end up doing something on a whim rather than thinking about how it fits in with other aspects of our life. As a result, ir really doesn’t fit in. To avoid doing this, take a step back and look at your life as it is now. What are you happy with, where would you like to see change?

It’s not always easy to do this by yourself, and one way that may help you take a bird’s eye view on your life is by having a tarot reading. During a tarot reading, you can ask questions about any aspect of your life, things that have already happened as well as what the future might hold. The reader will use a deck of tarot cards to provide you with insights on the different areas of your life and as they have no prior knowledge of your affairs, it can sometimes help to see your situation from an external viewpoint. You can find out more about what’s involved in a tarot reading at TheCircle. Generally, it’s an uplifting experience and people come away with a fresh view of how different parts of their life fit together and a better understanding of where they need or want to make changes.

Sharpen Your Focus

Instead of setting lots of hares running, focus in on a couple of things that you want to achieve over the coming year. Also, try and make your goals attainable ones. It will make them easier to reach and provide you with fresh incentive for setting new goals when the initial ones have been met.

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CAPTION: Narrow your focus to fewer, more significant goals

For example, if you’ve decided to improve your fitness levels, you shouldn’t set a target that’s too high. To plan to run a marathon would be unrealistic if you’re new to running. How about looking at working towards taking part in a 5k run first instead? Similarly, if you’re thinking about changing your job, don’t just hand in your notice. Consider what skills you need to get a better job, and develop those skills through night-school classes or an online course while you continue in your current role. When you’ve added to your skill set, then think about applying for a new job.

Staying Motivated

Maintaining enthusiasm when working towards a target can be difficult, especially when you feel that you still have a long way to go. When motivation is low, take a few moments to reflect on the progress that you’ve made since you started. Remind yourself that most goals take a series of incremental steps to be achieved – as the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Compare where you are now with where you were when you started – and don’t forget to congratulate yourself on the progress made.

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Another way to refocus your motivation to achieve a particular target is to remind yourself why you started in the first place. What made you think that you needed to do this? What expectations did you have? To follow a goal through to its conclusion, you have to have solid reasons for wanting to do it – reasons that make sense to you.

Remember that you’re the one who is in charge and it’s up to you to decide what is important to you. Generally, thinking about your original motivation will steel your resolve to continue, but sometimes our priorities change and we might decide to re-assess and adapt our goals. We are the only ones who can really know what is best for us. If that means changing our goals, or putting them to one side for a period, we should give ourselves permission to do this without feeling that we’ve failed or let ourselves down.


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