3 Interior Designing Tips You Can Try Out This 2017

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A New Year means new design trends. New technologies and innovations make various design industries constantly evolving, especially the interior design industry.

In Singapore, rooms for rent or HDB’s for sale are often unfurnished and leaving the tenants or homeowners the freedom to decorate and choose their preferred home design. As a new owner of a home, it may seem difficult where and how to start decorating your home. Fortunately, there are several home design tips to guide homeowners on how to organize and design their home. And as the year starts, different exciting home décor trends are starting to come out and transforming the interior design styles. Follow these fresh interior design tips and make your rented humble abode cozy and comfortable.

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Color Trends

In interior design, there are various aspects that need to consider to achieve a design solution that is safe, artistic, and functional to a homeowner. One of the essential aspects of interior design is the color. Color can make or break the design and style of a home. This 2017, designers are aiming to achieve an earthy yet vibrant appearance of a space by using color palettes, such as Entwine and Construct palette.

The Entwine color palette creates a warm and welcoming interior. Manila and Butter cookie are some of the color combinations to use to exude warmth and coziness at your home. Moreover, using this color palette will definitely enable you to produce a vibrant ambiance with a vintage touch in your space.

On the other hand, the Construct color palette supports the rise of the “urban metallic” concept of interior design. This color palette creates a trendy dark atmosphere yet warm and cozy feeling of the space, especially when combine it with stone or wood surfaces.

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Home Design Trends

The design trends are constantly changing every now and then. For the year 2017, here are some of the home design trends to watch out for:

  • Minimalistic bathrooms – small and more private spaces will be the trend for bathrooms this year. The intimate and minimalist design will outweigh the large and massive concept of a bathroom.
  • Repurposed design pieces – we now live in the sustainable era. The use of repurposed design pieces will be the trend in the coming years. So don’t throw old pieces, such as wooden ladder and wine bottles. The wooden ladder can be repurpose as a bookshelf while the wine bottles can be used to produce a unique chandelier.

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Trendy Materials

Apart from the color and design, the material used to build a house says a lot about the ambiance of a space. The following are some of the trendy materials to integrate at your home.

  • Cork – cork will have a huge comeback in 2017. Before, cork is used as an accent with other home decorations. Now, cork can extensively use for the ceiling or floor. This will create a refreshing organic touch and enriches any interior spaces.
  • Stainless steel – before, white and brushed metal are trendy. This 2017, black stainless steel will be in the limelight. Such type of steel can make your home classy and sophisticated.

Every New Year brings exciting and fresh interior design trends that will transform any home. Incorporate the interior design tips mentioned in this article and create a refreshing and relaxing humble abode.

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