Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friends – The Etiquette Of How To Wear Jewelry

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friends - The Etiquette Of How To Wear Jewelry

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When it is not something you have bought as an accessory from a retail chain, jewelry is an elegant and classy way of helping you to feel and look better in your clothes. Wearing jewelry can turn you into a walking piece of art and therefore it is key to know how to wear it to look your best with an exquisite gemstone, or a golden ring. There are a few tips and tricks to master before you can make jewelry an exciting part of your fashion style. In short, this article will teach you the etiquette of jewelry: How, what and when to wear it best.

Vintage Fashion For Classic Jewelry

Classic jewelry, such as what you would have seen in the pictures of your grandmother, including pearls, simple golden chains and medallions necklace, has a natural vintage look to it. It is therefore the most obvious of things to pair with a classic fashion look from the past, as this is what would have been trendy at the time. To keep your old jewelry look natural, you need to recreate the fashion style that best highlights its beauty. For example, pearl jewelry, even though it has had a revival in the 1960s, works best with dark natural colors from the mid-thirties, such as a dark green dress for example, or a grey cardigan. Simple shapes will also emphasize the delicacy and beauty of your jewelry. Remember as well that classic rings should not be worn on the middle finger, as this was considered to be rude in the old days. Also, check out Harrisons Collection for more vintage and classic style jewelry.

Diamonds Rings & Watches: A League Of Their Own

Diamonds are difficult gemstones, as they are not only excessive expensive but also incredibly difficult to wear. Indeed, diamond jewelry should not be worn during the daytime, unless it is an engagement ring and you want to show it off. What makes them particularly difficult to accord is that diamonds simply don’t tolerate commonness, specially designer diamond rings. You can’t wear a tee-shirt with a diamond ring as it will make the ring appear dull and fake, for example. It’s important to choose an outfit that emphasizes the shine of the gemstone without overdoing it: In short, you need a simple but high-quality cut, generally a dress, with simple colors such as black or white. So it’s never easy to wear diamonds, even if it’s an engagement ring! One thing remains easy, though, is that, if the engagement has to be unfortunately called off, there are plenty of places that let you sell diamonds. At least, you’re not losing everything!
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Have Some Fun With Modern Style Jewelry

Modern style jewelry is a more playful and affordable option than diamonds, which is great. You can personalize your precious accessory to highlight your mood, such as with modern charms, for example. Even though, sometimes, modern jewelry can be an expensive present, it can be worn easily with modern fashion and in bright daylight without looking out of place. The rule for custom jewelry design here is a lot more relaxed that it can be with vintage or diamonds. All you need to do is to have fun!


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