Vintage Home Decor Style with a Modern Update

Vintage Home Decor couch and sun room

Long gone are the times when matchy-matchy was preferred style, both in fashion and in home décor design. Interior design experts agree that the eclectic style is the way to go, especially if it’s modern vintage. It’s always the same with fashion – trends come and go, designers draw inspiration from past times – meaning that home décor trends are repeating themselves. Therefore, your vintage home is always a good and trendy base; you just have to learn how to mix and match properly and give it a stylish modern twist.

Vintage Home Decor bathroom

In your bathroom

Giving a somewhat modern update to your vintage home décor style usually means making it more practical, durable, and versatile and that’s exactly what you need in your soundproof bathroom. We all know how gorgeous traditional farmhouse bathrooms with wooden floors are, but the truth is water and timber don’t really get along. That’s where wood-effect porcelain tiles come to the rescue – they’ll look just as good without the fear of your floor becoming rot after just a few months. You can also bring a warming touch to your bright, cold bathroom by implementing a pop of color – a single wall in a deep shade of green or red will do wonders to your traditionally white bathroom.

Vintage Home Decor chairs

In your living room

Industrial-style hanging lamps are a major trend in interior design lately and, what’s even more important, they can be a perfect addition to your vintage-style living room. It will make a lovely contrast, which you can complete by adding a few industrial-style floor lamps in charming metallic shades. Furthermore, they match perfectly with one of the greatest home décor trends from the ‘70s – soft shaggy rugs. A cosy shaggy rug can create a warm ambiance wherever you place it, while home décor experts suggest it’s even better when it’s colorful. Besides, if you put more than one in the same room, make sure they’re not the same color to define different areas in the room.

Vintage Home Decor living room

In your kitchen

As in the living room, industrial-style lighting can look stunning in a vintage kitchen as well, especially if you pair it with hanged dishes. Hanging dishes above your countertops is not only space-saving option but also a way to recreate the ambiance of fine restaurants and feel like a professional chef. If you’re a ‘50s fan, then installing a diner-style dining booth is a must in your kitchen. You choose the color scheme but make sure that it contrasts the kitchen countertops and that it has metallic finishes.  In addition, you should know that tiles aren’t the only option for kitchen walls – wallpapers can work just as good, as long as you protect them with a sheet of glass or some other transparent material.

Vintage Home Decor bedroom

In your bedroom

Vintage style has that cozy, warm charm every bedroom needs, so make sure you stick to vintage patterns and textures when decorating your resting oasis. Think soft colors and textured fabrics, but give it a modern update by opting for trendy pastel colors – creamy shades of pink, blue, and green will make any bedroom look lovely. Also, rich, upholstered headboards are a big hit in interior design right now, so if you happen to have an old bed with that kind of headboard, then all you need is to refresh it with a new color. To make it as trendy as possible, opt for Greenery – Pantone’s color of 2017. A modern twist can be brought to your bedroom by repainting a piece of furniture as well, so consider updating your old dresser or getting a new rug.

Vintage Home Decor room

There’s no doubt – modern vintage is the best interior design style at the moment. It’s versatile, it’s trendy, and what’s even more important – it’s affordable since you can reuse and update your furniture with just a little effort. Now, what are you waiting for? Go through your rooms and see which of these you could try to make your house as trendy as possible! In addition, look into options that allow you to achieve a soundproof home for added and extra comfort!

Vintage Home Decor chair and table

About the author:
Tracey Clayton is a full-time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor, and healthy living.  Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”


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