16 Kitchen Hacks That Will Impress Anyone

Kitchen Hacks for anyone to impress

Several affordable kitchen appliances in the Philippines make everyone’s kitchen life easier and faster. Kitchen appliances, such as rice cookers, stoves, and microwaves enable you to prepare and cook delicious food in no time.

Apart from kitchen appliances, there are many tested tips and tricks that help make your chef life easier and stress-free. Follow these 16 kitchen hacks that will surely impress your family and friends.

Crystal Clear Ice Cubes

Achieve a crystal clear ice cubes by boiling first the purified water. First, boil the water twice. Then, pour it over an ice tray and cover it with a plastic wrap. Put the ice tray in the freezer to solidify.

DIY Bread Crumbs

Using your food processor, blend your brown rice cereal to make gluten free bread crumbs.

DIY Hot Chocolate

Make your own premium hot chocolate by adding a truffle to a steaming cup of milk.

DIY Mayonnaise

Forget the supermarket mayonnaise products and start creating your own mayonnaise recipe. Combine one cup of olive oil and egg. Add a pinch of salt and pepper if desired. Lastly, add water to thin the mayonnaise mixture.

Juice a Lemon

Cut your lemon into halves. Then for an easier squeezing of lemon, place a half-sliced lemon between the two metals of tongs then squeeze it.

Keeping your Bananas Fresh

Prevent your bananas from over-ripening by wrapping a plastic wrap around its stalk.

Lemon Juice as Cleaner  

Ditch your chemical cleaning product and opt for a lemon juice to clean your silverwares.

Magazine Holders as Freezer Shelves

Make your fridge an organize one by using magazine holders to categorize and organize your frozen foods.

Pancake Art

Create a pancake art by putting the pancake mixture in an empty ketchup bottles. This way, you can easily make different shapes and animal faces.

Perfectly Boiled Eggs

Having a hard time producing a perfectly boiled egg? Punch the egg using a thumbtack before boiling it to create a flawlessly boiled egg!

Perfect Burger Shape

Making your own hamburger recipe? To perfect the form of the burger, shape the mixture into the lid of a jar.

Prevent Boiling Water from Spilling

To prevent the boiling water from spilling over the pan, place and balance a wooden spoon on top of the pan of boiling water.

Scrambled Egg in a Minute

Have your favorite scrambled egg in minute by beating an egg in a mug then place it in a microwave for 45 seconds.

Soften Butter in Two Minutes

To soften butter faster, place a chunk of butter in a saucer. Get a small glass then warm it up. Then, place the glass over the butter. The butter will quickly soften and easily to cut.

Tension Rods

Place tensions rods in the under-sink cabinet to hang your spray bottles and other cleaning products.

Useful Dental Floss

Cut soft foods, such as cake, brownies, and cheese perfectly by using an unscented dental floss.

The tricks mentioned in this article will surely change the way you prepare your food and beverage and will definitely make you a kitchen master.

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