The Numerous Benefits of E-Cigarettes Versus Traditional Smoking

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Smoking has become an epidemic that many people just can’t seem to break. Between its perceived calming effects and the addictive nature of nicotine that’s turned into an addiction for people, giving up smoking is a tough task that people fail several times before being able to kick the habit for good.

Though sometimes it’s not about completely quitting. Some people just like to have a cigarette in their hands to twirl around and play with, but most of the time they’ll end up smoking it anyway. Others love to have something to “smoke” on, and they have turned to e cigarettes as an alternative. If you’re curious about the advantages that e-cigarettes have over traditional smoking, then read on to find out.

Some people just like to have a cigarette in their hands to twirl around and play with, but most of the time they’ll end up smoking it anyway.

E-Cigarettes Are Cheaper

When you switch over to e-cigarettes, you’ll quickly notice how much cheaper it is compared to regular smoking. A starter kit for e-cigarettes can cost as much as a pack of premium quality cigarettes, with the more expensive models and makes costing maybe twice or thrice as much. However, the costs of the liquid are also drastically lower. A 10 ml bottle will be roughly the cost of a couple of cigarettes and can last anywhere from one to two weeks of regular vaping. Compare that to the cost of buying a pack of cigarettes or more a week and you’ll quickly discover how much cheaper it is.

There’s No Danger of Second-Hand Smoking

Admittedly, there are small traces of toxic chemicals in the secondhand vapour from an e-cigarette, but the levels are so low that they pose no threat to the people around you. Compared to the chemicals in regular cigarettes that can cause cancer, e-cigarettes are a much safer alternative that won’t put you or the people around you at any risk. It’s not recommended since you could have a negative influence on your children, but you can smoke with them in the vicinity without worrying about the health risks of secondhand smoking.

You Can Smoke Wherever You Want

Since there’s no danger of second-hand smoking, it means you can take your e-cigarette wherever you go with the help of a simple carrying case. There are some locations where you can’t use an e-cigarette (such as an airport) but most other places will allow you to smoke indoors. As long as there are no signs that forbid it, you can use them indoors which saves you having to walk outside or leave a conversation just to smoke.

Various Flavours

In addition to traditional tobacco flavours, you can get e-cigarette liquids in a variety of different flavours to spice up the taste. You can get almost any flavour you can imagine—menthol, strawberry, apple, blueberry, peach, melon, even vanilla! With so many different flavours to choose, you can pick something that suits your taste or try out something new for a change.


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