Stylish Meets Functional: Bedroom of Your Dreams

Bedroom of Your Dreams bed

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We spend up to one-third of our lives asleep. That’s the way we rest our brains and recover energy. All that happen in one magical space – bedroom. This means that you should devote a lot of attention to thoughtful design of the bedroom. There are three things you should strive for when designing your resting area: functionality (including all the necessary furniture and storage space), comfort (the ultimate goal for every bedroom) and stylishness (because you deserve sweet dreams). Here are some tips that should help you design a bedroom that lives up to all these standards.

Come Up with a Layout

The room’s layout will depend on the size of the space you have on your disposal, but you should always aim to create a look that will allow a circulation route that enables you to approach three sides of the mattress. If you are dealing with a small space, consider experimenting with storage solutions, with in-built options being the best in space saving. Bed size is something you shouldn’t skimp on, but the rest of the furniture can be small and practical.

Paint It with Soothing Shades

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The colors in your bedroom can affect how much sleep you’re getting. In fact, a survey by Travelodge discovered that certain colors can relax or stimulate sleepers. So, according to the results, if you want to catch a lot of shut eye, you should paint the room aqua, azure, sunny yellow, green, and orange (believe it or not). There were a lot of surprising findings in the survey, including that purple isn’t as relaxing as we thought. On the contrary, it is very mentally stimulating, and it makes it hard to switch off and rest after a hard day.

Choose the Right Bed (and Mattress)

The bed is the king of your bedroom (so if you can, make it a king size), and it deserves very special consideration. The bed should coincide with the room theme. If you’re aiming for classical bedroom, go for a classic bed with all the carvings paired. Mediterranean bedroom, on the other hand, would require luxurious ornate four-post bed.

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One of the most important things to keep in mind is the quality of the bed, and after you purchase a bed that is worth the price complement it with a comfortable and ergonomic mattress. Mattresses can be really expensive, but they’re worth the investment since they keep you healthy and rested. Besides, these days you can easily find latex or memory foam mattress on sale, both of which can meet your needs.

Make It Comfy!

Bedroom of Your Dreams flowers on bed

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Comfort is the most important feature of every bedroom, and even though you’ve chosen the most comfortable mattress, you still have to make that comfort visible to the eyes. Do that by throwing a lot of soft cushions and placing a knitted blanket on the bed.

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Give yourself a soft place to land on by placing an area rug on each side of the bed. Enhance the feeling of warmth by layering rugs of different textures (e.g. seagrass + faux fur). Proper lighting can also contribute to the feeling of comfort and warmth.

A Stylish Finish

Finish up the design with some beautiful stylish elements, such as a nightstand with fresh flowers and your favorite books on top, a statement lighting fixture, an elegant bed head, an artwork above the bed, a wallpaper, etc. Include something unexpected. A reading nook by the window can instantly improve the space (mark the zone with area rug, add armchair, small table, and a lamp), and so can a charming shabby chic or Hollywood glam makeup vanity.

Bedroom of Your Dreams sofa in room

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A bedroom is the place where dreams happen. That’s why it deserves to look as if it was made of pure dreams. Of course, fabulous design and awe-worthy appearance don’t compensate for the lack of functionality – it is important to get the best of both worlds.


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