What are the Features of Phlebotomy Chairs?

Features of Phlebotomy Chairs resting on chair

Phlebotomy chairs are medical examination chairs that are mostly used for drawing blood from the patients. This chair can be adjusted as per the patient’s height and weight, so that the patient can sit in the reclining position. These chairs are also designed with quality materials which provide utmost relaxation during blood collections. When patients come to a phlebotomy clinic, they generally get nervous because of the blood drawing channels done in front of them. In this respect, they need some mental relaxation for this period when the phlebotomist collects the blood and makes channels on their body. There is risk in this medical process, but uneven movement during blood collection can affect them with serious injuries and blood loss. Before starting our topic, we would suggest you to visit this page for the complete guide on phlebotomy licensing and certification as some states require phlebotomists to be licensed.

Features of phlebotomy chairs:

  • The phlebotomy chairs should be designed with comfortable materials, and the patients must feel the comfort while they sit and stretch during the blood collection process. Also, the chair needs to be designed with safety measures, and it should provide patient with good safety and security while the blood collector conducts his work.
  • The phlebotomist should avoid any physical restraints because these activities may scare the patients a lot. Most of the patients get nervous during blood collection, and phlebotomists can talk with the patients to do their job peacefully. If the patient does not agree to facilitate the process, then the phlebotomist can tell them to stay relaxed on this phlebotomy chair for little time, and then they can lead their job further.
  • Phlebotomy chairs come with an arm extension part where the patients keep their arm for drawing of blood. Through this extension of arms, the phlebotomist can easily identify the exact nerve, and can access elbow region of the patient for drawing out blood.
  • Most of these chairs are made with reinforced fiberglass’s which are very easy to clean and maintain. Generally, more than 80% of the patients come with prior diseases to the phlebotomy clinic, and after drawing of the blood they must clean the chair to get rid of the pathogens. Also, these chairs are mostly available in the gray, off-white and black colors which can suit every clinic.
  • During the drawing of blood, the phlebotomist need to bend a lot and the phlebotomy chair must be adjustable. So, the phlebotomist can easily adjust the height and the length of the chair as per the patient’s body structure.

There are some bariatric phlebotomy chairs available which are designed with rough steel and they are totally rust and corrosion resistant. Since there are different types and sizes of phlebotomy chairs available in the market, you need to choose the right one as per your clinical needs and budget. Plush chairs with cushioned backrests and high quality pedestals generally cost more when you compare these to the chairs that are to be utilized for small clinics. The overall motive should be to help the staff to make the whole process of drawing blood easier.

Features of Phlebotomy Chairs legs extended

You can choose from blood donor’s couch and electrically-operated phlebotomy chairs:

When you decide to buy phlebotomy chairs, you can then choose from two types such as the donor’s couch and the electrically-operated phlebotomy chairs. The main idea behind the donor’s couch is to allow the patient to sit in the most relaxed position, and not just in upright manner. The right contours, support, well-guarded safety measures and inbuilt screws for maneuvering the chairs must be taken into consideration, when you decide to buy the phlebotomy chairs.

There are also some phlebotomy chairs, which can be controlled with a remote, and the blood collectors can adjust the backrest and the positioning of the chair accordingly.


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