5 Exciting Things To Do When You Plan A Trip To The Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef jet ski

If being an Australian you have not planned a holiday trip to the Great Barrier Reef yet, you should go for it as soon as possible. It is one of those global holiday destinations that tops the list of every enthusiastic traveler. Since the Great Barrier Reef enjoys the status of being one of the most phenomenal natural attractions in the world which can be easily seen even from the space, being an enthusiastic traveler you should never miss the opportunity to explore it.

It’s such a huge and extraordinary natural attraction that it can easily occupy your time at least for a week, provided the fact that you are ready to discover all the incredible destinations it offers. Australia blessed with a large number of majestic natural attractions and the Great Barrier Reef remains the most important among them. In fact, it is the greatest natural asset in the entire world. The reef was declared as a World Heritage Site back in 1981, which enhanced its value tremendously.

Enjoying the reputation of being the largest coral reef system in the world, it plays an absolutely indispensable role when it comes to improving the growth of tourism in Australia, especially in the state of Queensland. This coral reef system incorporates hundreds of spectacular islands a lot of which are considered the best family holiday destinations in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef which is composed of thousands of individual reefs is located, off the coast of Queensland in the beautiful Coral Sea. Covering a stretch of around 133,000 sq mi, there are many mesmerizing towns and cities which have effectively flourished around it.

Once you plan a trip to the Great Barrier Reef, you can hire a four wheel drive near melbourne airport, can travel to all the wonderful places that have become popular tourist destinations mainly because of their proximity to this splendid natural wonder.

#1. See The Astounding Marine Life

It’s an ultimate place for the marine life enthusiasts who are looking forward to seeing and interact with some of the most beautiful creatures that live in the stunning Coral Sea among the beautiful coral reefs. The reef is the best place to explore some of the most colorful marine plants and animals including both small and giant fishes. It remains the safe haven for some of the most endangered marine species, perhaps that’s the reason a large part of this remarkable coral reef system is governed by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Once you visit this place you can see different species of dolphins, and whales. The most popular types of dolphins that you can explore in this place include Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin. However, when you talk about whales, you can easily discover dwarf minke whales. In addition to that, the Great Barrier Reef is home to some 1500 species of fish, 17 sea snake species, and nearly 49 mass spawn species. Apart from that, you can also explore different types of coral trout and snappers. Besides, you can also get a chance to see Saltwater crocodiles, sea turtles, different species of shark and seahorse etc.

#2. It’s A Perfect Destination For Snorkelling

If you want to go too close to the marine life found in this place, you can take the advantage of a popular water sport called snorkeling, wherein you have to take the support of the snorkel for breathing. Since you use the snorkel, you can easily go deep into the sea and discover a variety of different plants and animals out there. It becomes a completely unique experience when you swim in the middle of colorful fishes. Since you are fully equipped with a diving mask, you don’t have to be too much worried about your safety and security.

#3. You Can Spend Hours Enjoying Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is again a wonderful way of spending quality time while discovering marine life. Since you use scuba for breathing, you can easily enjoy scuba diving while exploring the underwater beauty of this natural wonder.

#4. Cruise Ship Tour

If you love cruise ships, the Great Barrier Reef is the perfect place to experience them. No matter which part of the reef you go, you will easily find cruise ship tours being organized for the tourists frequently and hence you can also access them. The cruise ship tours allow you to experience the silence of the sea while sipping the world class wines. In addition to that, multiple entertainment activities are also organized by the cruise staff which can easily keep you occupied for hours.

#5. You Visit Different Islands

The Great Barrier Reef gives you the access to a number of alluring islands and picture perfect beaches and you must discover them. Some of the most popular islands wherein you can take your family and friends include Lizard Island, Bedarra Island, Heron Island, Brampton Island and Hayman Island.

However, if you talk about beaches there are countless sun-kissed beaches in the Great Barrier Reef wherein you can easily while away for a couple hours.


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