Home Decorations that Can Fit into Every Style

Home Decorations that Can Fit into Every Style dark wall

Our homes are reflection of our personalities, which means that we are primarily adapting the interior design to our wishes, but also to their architectural style. Last, but not the least, we love to enrich them with new trends. The range of different interior design styles leaves us with complete freedom in choosing something that suits us, but it also allows finding some coherent styles and universal pieces that can fit into every décor.

Most Popular Design Styles

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Before deciding for a particular style, you should get to know its characteristics, and some of the other popular styles, so that you could make the right choice. We’ll help you by listing some of the most popular interior design styles.

  • Art Deco – sleek lines, geometric and streamlined furniture from 1920s and 1930s.
  • Arts and Crafts – simple in form and structure, without superfluous details. Features a lot of craftsmanship, asymmetry, variety of materials and traditional way of construction.
  • Asian – Inspired by designs from China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. Focuses on natural elements and creates a serene environment.
  • Contemporary – Rustic, yet elegant. It uses primitive furnishings, soft floral patterns and muted hues.
  • Mediterranean – Borrowed from the coastal regions of Spain, Italy and France, it favors colors that mimic the nature in the regions (the sea, beach, lavender fields). Heavy ornate furniture is combined with velvet, linen and textured fabrics.
  • Mid-Century Modern – Originated in the ‘50s and ‘60s, this design style is characterized by simplicity, natural forms and functionality.
  • Shabby Chic – Cottage-inspired look is famous for floral prints, white painted furniture and vintage accessories.
  • Eclectic – A clever mixture of two or more styles.

How to Choose a Design Style?

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As you see, there are a lot of interior design styles, which makes it really easy to fall in love with more than one. Research is the first step towards the best choice, but you can also get inspired by magazine photos or friends’ houses. You have to think about practicality, price and how a certain décor can fit into your home’s layout and architectural style. Of course, you can always try out some of the online quizzes that can help you determine which design styles suits you.

Decorations on the Wall

Leaving the walls completely bare is not a good idea, regardless of the design style. Designing an accent wall (art deco – glass and metal wall decorations, mid-century modern – simple paintings and equal frames, Asian – ethnic images, etc.), on the other hand, is the right move. Living room walls calls for a clever choice of wall clocks (modern, vintage, decorative, antique…), that should fit into the design style or be inconspicuous enough to go well with every style. Other “wall-friendly” ideas are family photographs, art prints, wallpaper and mirrors.

Accent Furniture Pieces

If you feel your home’s design style is too ordinary and without any distinct features, you can always introduce an accent furniture piece, such as Mediterranean-style ornate table (you can cover it up with a wipe clean tablecloth from here if you ever want to switch style) or a mid-century modern sofa you can re-upholster and cover with various throw pillows.

Layered Lighting

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Layered lighting (combination of multiple sources of light that create ambient, task and accent lighting) goes well with every design style because it accentuates its best features and makes the space look like something that recreates a cover image of Architectural Digest. Fixtures that provide ambient lighting (chandeliers and pendants) should also be considered a style statement and reflect the design of the room (shabby chic – crystal chandelier, Asian – lantern, art deco – combination of metal and glass pendant lights…). Accent lighting should be used to put focus on some important décor feature, like artwork or statement furniture piece.

Now find the style you love the most and make it your own with some distinct decorations.


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