How to do gate fencing to secure your premises perfectly?

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Fencing has become the undeniable need for today’s homeowners and property owners. Without multi layered security it is not possible for you to live inside your premise with peace of mind and comfort. Gate fencing is an important security measure to consider when it comes to making a viable strategy to protect your house with inviolable backyard fence and Composite Fencing.


With greedy trespassers and nuisance animals making illicit entrance in your house, having a strong gate fencing will definitely add a muscular layer of security. So before you initiate on mission to shield your property with gate security, here are a few good pointers that will be helpful in installing backyard fencing with clever access to gate.

Where is the gate located?

Usually, to make it more convenient for homeowner to enter the house, they plan to install a gate that is located on the right or left of the house. You can pick two depending on the size of the backyard. When the gate is located right close to the front of the house, it is normally called entry gate. This is the most visible part of your house, so you may like to make sure it is treated with the special style of fencing. But in order to access your garage or the back of the house, you will need a fence that will allow you to enter through the back perimeter.

How many gates you require?

The number of gates you keep depends on the structure of the house and how well you have done fencing to your house. Normally, houseowners tend to draw towards keeping 1-2 at times. The number of gates is majorly influenced by area of their yard and how exactly you want to access the backyard. To enhance the overall security of your house, you should look for the kind of arrangement in which those gates play the role of additional layer of safety which is separated from fencing.

Measure the dimensions of your gates

Depending upon your special needs, gates can have different widths. Typically, they are of 3’ width for normal setting. But if you want to give some space to lawn mower, you can think of opting for 5’ too. Additionally, there are double drive gates that can fit the requirements for homeowners. But these gates demand frequent maintenance and need early replacement because they tend to sag some time after its installation.

Gate style

Style and appeal of fencing gate is also one of the main concerns while choosing the appropriate security gates. Front gates are found more in decorative style, which stands out from the rest of the fence setting. You can select the gate that is beautifully arched to add the extra appeal and aesthetics along with dependable security.

gate fencing iron backyard secure


Special setting for iron fencing

If your backyard is going to have a cool swimming pool or other unique landscaping piece, you may like to consider having knockout panel. It will be fixed to one part of the fence especially if it is iron fencing. You can leave quite some room in this special setting for allowing your truck to move into backyard. This sounds like a handy plan when you have a project to handle.

There is a lot to consider when customizing your security design around fencing. Check out Timber Ridge Fence Company for more fencing design and inspiration. With strong security in place, you can even treat having electronic security system as an alternative. Do the detailed fencing and secure your own premises perfectly.


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