From Day to Night: The Art of Wearing Office Outfits

Art of Wearing Office Outfits

A shout out to all the successful women around the globe who’ve managed to fight the obstacles and rise above the expected failure; remember – you are great, we are great!

With all the intellectual trickery, commitment and hard work, there comes a time when a girl needs to rest. Often, that time falls at the end of the overly hectic day at work when she finally gets to give herself a little boost of energy with a drink in her hand and her legs on the dance floor. Sadly, these opportunities don’t come often (ah, if they only did), but when they do – it’s all about making the best out of it!

To look the part, a real businesswoman knows she needs to separate her office clothes from her in-the-bar experience, right? Right. And the way to do it? Let’s break it up into occasions:

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A Bar/Club

Dressed in one of your powerful ladies suits, you sure rule the office. Seriousness looks good on you, we’ll admit but when you’re heading to a bar after work, we bet you’d rather leave the work vibe at the office and show the world your fun, chill side.

To instantly go from boss to babe, let your hair down from a bun and give it a light tousle; add some volume by teasing the ends and give your lips a seductive feel with a fresh splash of red, cherry or coral. Also, take the jacket off and tie your shirt into a knot above your belly button – that is, if you are not going out with your subordinates! If you are, keep things to a two-buttons-down option. If you are jamming with your colleagues, the above the belly button option works just fine.

Voila, you’re perfect!

Art of Wearing Office Outfits model walking

A Casual Dinner

Let the hair down or don’t, it’s your choice. To give yourself a casual vibe, pull a few hair strands out for a simpler look, and you’ll be good. Unbutton the jacket and shirt, and give your face a fresh splash with a pop of color on the eyelids and lips. Add a loose necklace to the combo, for a chic vibe. No matter how tired or frustrated with what’s happened at work – smile; that’s the best makeup in the world. There, you’re good.

A Date

Your date should know you are coming from work, so there’s no need to be too apologetic about your office attire. However, show him the respect by going easy on the seriousness of the outfit. Similarly to when you’re getting ready for a bar/club, you’ll get ready for the date, too.

Let your hair down and tease it with a comb for an upgrade of volume and easy vibe. Spritz your face with a moisturizer to hydrate the skin, and reinforce the natural skin barrier. This will help wipe away the stress and create good foundation for makeup touch-ups.
Art of Wearing Office Outfits lipstick

Fix parts of the face that have melted away during the day and give your cheeks some color with a bronzer or blush. Add a shade of shimmery white in the corners of your eyes close to the nose for instant freshness. Double check your teeth (you really don’t want him figuring out what you’ve had for lunch by looking at your teeth!) and give them a quick flossing. Make your lips seductive with a fresh coat of lipstick or lip gloss. Pop a gum or mint.

Take the jacket off, unbutton the shirt (not too much) and add some jewelry to the mix – like a chic choker. Put your favorite perfume. Smile (yes, it’s the key to everything). Easy!

NOTE: If there are any indications at the beginning of your workday (or – if you’ve planned it already) that your office experience may extend into a social outing, bring a few essentials from home that will make the whole transition easier or – simply – keep your emergency kits at your office cabinet:

Art of Wearing Office Outfits hair

Accessories kit

Bracelets, a more casual set of earrings, a choker, rings, etc. – they won’t take much of your space but they’ll change everything!

An extra piece of clothing

If you know you’ll be running around and sweat, bring an extra shirt.

Hygiene kit

Mints, wet wipes (for underarm situations), a toothbrush, floss, a comb, hairspray/hair gel.


The usual.


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