Going Eco: Staying Me

Going Eco: Staying Me


Be Aware Of Resources

First, you need to start living while being aware of the resources that you are using in your day-to-day life. Look at how you are choosing to use your heat and your water. Opening your eyes and seeing what we are really doing may make us realise that we don’t need to be taking anywhere near as much things as we were before. Once you realise this, you can start to make environmentally friendly choices.

Change Your Travel Habits

Driving is one way you can positively make a real impact on environmentally friendly practices. The best thing you can do is pack in your car completely and walk or ride a bike whenever you have to go. Although it’s not that easy for us Mothers. At least not yet anyway, we have too much to do and too many places to go. So compromise – if it’s not too far out of the way – walk it. (Think of the calories you’ll be burning too!)

Practice Conservation

This can be the simplest of things like turning off the lights when you leave a room, not keeping the tap running when you brush your teeth and turn the heating off if you can just put a jumper on instead.

Plant Trees

Trees are necessary for us to survive. They give oxygen, fruit, they clean the air, provide shelter to our wildlife, and prevent soil erosion. A slight shade around your house can help keep your house cooler during those hot summer nights. So start planting small trees around your home and only cut them if absolutely necessary.

Solar Generators 101

Do your research. Learn all the basics of what a solar generator is exactly, and what it can do. Make yourself familiar with how great of a conservation it is, by using the natural daylight of the sun, soaking all the beams up, and then storing all that power into the generates battery to be used when needed.

Now you can start to consider investing in one.

Locally Grown Products

This is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint by buying locally grown products. When you shop locally instead of buying things that were shipped to us from far, far away, you are actually supporting local dairies and farms.

Stop Littering

One of the common sights that we see every day on the streets is watching people littering on roads. One of the easiest ways to keep the environment and surrounding area clean – is to stop people from littering. These people need to be educated in how to put rubbish in a bin.


Composting is a really easy process that takes the remains of plants and kitchen waste and then converts it into rich nutrient food for your plants to help them grow big and strong. Doing this reduces the amount of rubbish that goes to the landfills and pollutes our air. Such a little thing can make such a big difference.


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