Christmas Holiday Getaways For Couples

Holiday Getaways for couples

Christmas is always one of the most special holidays of the year. However, if you are celebrating it with your “significant other”, you probably want it to be even more special than usual.

Take into consideration crossing the borders of your country and dive together into exciting experience of celebrating this exceptional holiday in a faraway country, with different, unexpected traditions. Taste foreign Christmas dishes, celebrate Christmas together with the locals, like you are one of them, try new things and learn somebody else’s customs firsthand.

Here are some suggestions for an incredible Christmas holiday any couple would enjoy.

Japan, Hokaido region

If you want to experience real winter together around Christmas, visit Hokaido, a Japanese region that is crowded with ski resorts for everybody’s taste.
Anyone who enjoys the abundance of snow will be delighted to ski while watching the marvelous Mount Yotei. Enjoy yourselves in joys of winter during the day, and in the evening give your legs a rest after an active day in onsens – amazing hot springs. Afterwards, try the traditional Japanese dishes during a romantic dinner. If you are not up to skiing all day, you can go for a relaxing walk or reindeer sledding. Santa Claus visits some of the nearby villages on Christmas Eve, so don’t miss him or the Christmas fireworks.

Scandinavia, Lapland

Another perfect snowy Christmas for couples is Father Christmas’ home, Lapland. Whichever of the Scandinavian countries you choose to visit, you are in for a magical and original holiday time. Spend your days being ridden on a husky or reindeer sled, have great fun riding a snowmobile and don’t miss your chance to see the Christmas village and tell Father Christmas in person what your wishes are.

The romantic highlight of your Lapland experience will definitely be the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, a natural wonder of colors across the sky, which are best to watch around Christmas, as it is the darkest period of the year.

Vietnam, Saigon

Even though Christians are a minority in Vietnam, this holiday in Saigon is as festive as in any other Catholic country. Christmas Eve is even more important to the Vietnamese than Christmas Day. You can join people on the main square in front of an impressive cathedral, throw confetti with the rest of the locals, enjoy the numerous Christmas decorations around the town, as well as nativity scene, and then go to the midnight mass.

It is a must to try Vietnamese Christmas dishes, as it is somewhat different than their usual traditional meals, for example the tuck which is served instead of the turkey. Christmas would be incomplete without wine, so have a go at wine tours, where you can taste delicious home-made wine and have a nice chitchat with the owners.

Mexico, San Miguel de Allende

This picturesque town, which made it on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites, is abundant with ornate churches, untouched architectural treasures and wide city squares where you can dance to live music. In this Mexican city, a former Spanish colony, Christmas is both a formal and a cheerful holiday. During Christmas time, you can easily come across Mary and Joseph on the street, as there are numerous theatrical performances, or watch local citizens as they walk from house to house singing their traditional Christmas songs. Stroll around the town, while enjoying piñatas, rosca de reyes (sweet bread) and ponche (mulled brandy, with fruit).


This is not a traditional white Christmas country, but it gives you an adorable holiday which you will remember forever. The astonishing Bermudian beaches are open to visit, without too many people and the weather just right for a pleasant walk where the two of you can make an original Christmas selfie. One of the popular annual traditions is the Christmas Boat Parade, which you can watch from your own yacht, and later enjoy fireworks above the sea.

In case you don’t want to miss some of the real Christmas spirit, visit the beautiful Elbow Beach, known for its pink sand, on Christmas Day, where hundreds of tourists gather around to celebrate Christmas together.


This winter, give yourselves the opportunity to get away from the ordinary problems, routine and a predictable holiday. Pick a foreign country, get on a plane and have a wonderful Christmas.

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