Get Groovy In The Garden With These Creative Design Ideas

Get groovy in the garden

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It’s always fun to get creative in the home, and the garden is no different. All too often we neglect our gardens and focus on what’s going on inside the home. The garden is just as important to the look of your house, though. As such, it deserves your attention too! Getting creative with garden design can breathe life into the most basic garden. Become the envy of your neighborhood by following these simple tips for garden renovation!


Getting your garden furniture right is crucial for any garden. You don’t have to choose the traditional options when you’re shopping to stock your garden. Think outside the box. Don’t settle for a standard patio set. Look out for hammocks, beanbags and even hanging teepees! Turning your garden into a chill area will ensure it gets used often. Not to mention, it’ll look fantastic!


Repurposing old items offers the perfect opportunity to keep your garden interesting. Incorporate nature into old household items instead of throwing them away. Umbrellas can make fantastic and unique flower beds. Why not use old wellington boots as flowerpots? Or, you could work with a tea party theme, and invest in some old tea pots that can act as hanging baskets for flowers! Old bikes and wheelbarrows can also be excellent additions. Go as crazy as you like with this. Repurposing your garden features will ensure that no one else has a garden quite like yours.


If you have a swimming pool, there’s no reason you can’t get creative with that too! Invest in an over the pool hammock, so you can relax while trailing your fingers through the water. Be careful how you get into it, though! Incorporating foliage around your pool could turn it into a tropical paradise! You could even invest in a pool grotto. What is a pool grotto? It’s exactly what it sounds like! A hidden cave inside your pool is sure to add something special.


Flowers form a large part of most gardens, so get creative with these too! We’ve already looked at original flower containers, but your options don’t end there. Using less well-known flowers in your garden is sure to look impressive. When you’re deciding, think of color scheme. You could plant the flowers to spell out a word, or show a picture when they grow. You could even plant them in a trail next to a container, so they look like they’re spilling out. You could scrap color schemes altogether and mix flowers together to make a color explosion all over your lawn. Whatever you choose, take time with the perfect flower display!

The above ideas are cheap and easy ways to ensure your garden stands out from the rest. These are by no means the only creative options you have for your garden. The choicess are limitless. If you wanted, you could even theme your garden. How does a woodland paradise sound to you?


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