Follow The Rules: Making Sure Your Home Decor Choices Hit The Mark

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We all spend some time idly thinking about what our dream home looks like. For some of us, it’s the one we’re in right now, but with a few changes large or small. For others, it’s somewhere completely different. Either way, what unites us all is the fact that the home needs to look a certain way inside and out.

We may crave the beautiful simplicity of a log cabin in the woods somewhere, with all original antique features. Others may want a modern look, all clean lines and surfaces so pristine that you’re almost scared to put anything on them. Whichever category you fall into, though, you’ll agree on one thing – the decor needs to be right.

There are certain principles that need to be kept in mind whatever your preference. And when it comes to decor, these can be considered your rules. Whether we’re talking about a place you’re living in and want to change, or somewhere you want to move into, these are the things you have to consider.

The Kitchen: Keep It Clean And Functional

One thing that the most modern houses have as an advantage is that they are built with some principles already in mind. Any kitchen specialist in the present day will tell you that flat surfaces and the best materials for hygiene are a must. As charming as a rustic kitchen may look, it can be impractical. You want the kitchen to be easy to clean and simple to arrange. Quartz worktops are popular, and a lot of storage space is preferable.

The Dining Room: Use All The Free Space You Have

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The dining room is sometimes an afterthought for people building houses, as the living room and bedrooms get priority. The kitchen and bathroom need to take a certain amount of space because they are practical rooms. This means you may end up with a dining room that seems small. It’s then important to maximize the feeling of space when it comes to decor. A large wall mirror will help, as will the way you dress the table. A crisp tablecloth and Richard Haworth table runners can be very helpful in this respect.

Bedrooms: Let Your Individual Side Out

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If you have kids, then there could be multiple bedrooms to consider. If we’re talking dream homes, then you will want to focus on making each room fit those who will be sleeping there. Consult with the kids who are old enough to make their own minds. For those who aren’t? Focus on making it fit tastes they’ve already shown with colors and characters. In your room? Go wild – this is the place you need to be most comfortable in!

The Living Room: Go All Out To Impress

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This is the room where you are most likely to receive visitors. So if you’re going to push the boat out on appliances and stylish furniture, it is here more than anywhere else you’ll need to do that. Just remember that style over substance is neither necessary nor desirable. Your guests would like to be impressed by your couch, but it needs to be a comfortable sit too.

For the room aesthetic? You’re looking for something gentle yet also striking. One feature wall can be brightly colored, but anything more is just going to induce migraines. If you want to give it character, achieve this with ornaments and occasional furniture.


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