Play Together and Stay Together: 5 fun new hobbies for couples

fun new hobbies for couples

Image Source: Dave Rosenblum

Having common hobbies is a sure-fire way to strengthen your relationship with a partner and keep things fresh. We are naturally inquisitive creatures, and the desire to keep learning is strong. Learning a new craft with your loved one is intimate, and sometimes hilarious, but always fun. Here are a few suggestions for activities you can enjoy together.

Learn an instrument

How cute would it be to play duets with your partner? If neither of you has any musical experience then start small with a recorder or ocarina – it doesn’t have to break the bank. Help each other and practice together, learning alongside each other. Alternatively, you could start a two-piece band. Writing songs together and sharing them with each other is a great exercise in trust and intimacy.

Start a mini book club

If you have similar tastes in literature, you might find it enjoyable to start a book club together. Buy two copies of the same book, set a time frame, and then discuss along the way. You might find that the other person’s perspective helps you to see the book in a different light, giving an extra dimension to the experience.


Couples’ Yoga is growing increasingly popular worldwide. It allows you to breathe and move together, and become more deeply connected. It will help you and your partner to relax together, in a world that is increasingly technology-driven and anonymous. Couples’ Yoga allows you to check in and spend time together at a convenient point in your day. As such, it is believed that it is brilliant at strengthening the connection between people.

Swing dance

Receiving dance lessons as a couple is a great way to get exercise together and have a laugh. Although swing dance is not a particularly romantic style, it’s playful and fast-paced, and a great workout. You’ll have the opportunity to dance to the likes of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald and learn a skill you can show off at any family function.

Learn a language

The benefit of learning a language together is that there is almost certainly the promise of a vacation at the end of it. If either of you has the benefit of already knowing a second language, why not spend some time teaching your partner? If not, choose a country you’re mutually interested in visiting, and you’re good to go. Many local colleges will offer evening classes in a variety of foreign languages. Alternately, learn online and at your own pace. Learning together means you’ll always have someone nearby to practice with, so you’ll learn faster, and have more fun.

In this modern age, it’s too easy to become engrossed in technology and get a bit lazy with your relationships. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to find a mutual hobby, and spend some quality time together.


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