Nutritious Benefits of Fruit and Vegetable Juice Cold Press

nutritious benefits of juice

Fruit and vegetable juice cold pressed more nutritious for keeping you healthy all throughout the year Health has become a vital issue. Health mandarins propound and enjoin you to drink plenty of vegetable and fruit juices. Forego milk, tea, coffee and colas. Subsist and thrive on juice and you will be fit as a fiddle and energetic all day and possibly throughout your life.

  • Delve deeper into juices and you are faced with choices. The new fad is juice cold pressed, as the labels claim. These are said to be nutritionally much better than traditionally extracted juices that are then pasteurized before being packed.
  • Now you can also purchase a small juice compressed for your own use and it can provide you with great healthy diet plans for you.
  • Vegetables are very hard to grade and you cannot prepare vegetable juice in a normal blender. In this regards, you can use this compressed juicer, and you just need to pour your vegetable into this juicer and the rest gets done by this machine itself. You will get your vegetable juice within few minutes.

Traditional Bottled Juices

Bulk manufacturers of juices use centrifugal or other crushing and extraction methods to manufacture juice from fruits or vegetables. The juice undergoes pasteurization, a process of brief heating to high temperature and then sudden cooling. Such juices are containing preservatives. These juices can have an extended shelf life. However, opponents claim that the process destroys tastes and, more importantly, vital nutrients like enzymes, flavonoids and vitamins. Juices may also be filtered, a process that also removes fiber and other nutrients.

cold press juice

What are the Features of Cold Pressed Juice?

As the term indicates, juice cold pressed is obtained by applying heavy pressure using hydraulic equipment to fruits or vegetables. Along with the juice one also gets most of the nutrients and fiber. Since no heat is generated in the cold press process, no vitamins, enzymes or flavonoids are destroyed. It is claimed that juice cold pressed tastes more natural.

  • However, because there may be bacteria that transfer from the fruit to the juice, the juice cold pressed has a short shelf life of about 3 days and may need to be consumed immediately once the pack is opened.
  • What proponents do not mention is that some such bacteria may be harmful. Also some chemicals in raw juice may actually cause harm if consumed in excess or in its natural state whereas slight heating modifies or renders such chemicals harmless.
  • Pregnant women and little children must certainly refrain from consuming cold pressed juice unless it is done at home. Then there are cases where a manufacturer may claim the juice is cold pressed but it may have undergone a degree of pasteurization.
  • Tagging a bottle as “cold pressed” could be just one way to increase the price. Another thing one should know about juice cold pressed is that it has far more calories than simply eating the whole fruit or vegetable because it is, in essence, concentrated stuff.
  • It also needs more energy to produce cold pressed juices. If one thinks of such cold pressed juices as substitutes for eating vegetables and fruits, it is a fallacy. That said there are benefits to juice cold pressed.
  • If you are pressed for time, a glass of juice is something you can grab on the fly. It is expensive but it certainly has no preservatives and certainly it has more nutrients than pasteurized and processed juice.

It will cost less and you will certainly assure freshness, high nutrition and freedom from contamination. A glass of fresh juice, especially when made into a mocktail, is quite enjoyable but you lose the fiber, the all important ingredient vital for gut health.


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