Top 5 lighting ideas for your home

lighting ideas for the home


The way you use lights in your home can effectively transform both the interior and exterior. Basically, lighting solutions should also be treated as a part of your unique taste and personality. In that respect, make sure to think about these necessary home additions as cool accessories as well.

How to decide on a perfect place

You should always make the most out of your natural lighting and in that respect, make sure that the artificial lights are not in the way. Of course, you most definitely need an adequate lighting solution near your windows the moment it gets dark. But if you need light in other, naturally darker area of your home during the day, your best bet is combo of smaller wall lights or floor lamps and chandeliers. For example, if you value a modern look, you can install dimmer lights with separate switches and Martec exhaust fans with lights on the ceiling for the most adequate amount of brightness when the night falls.

Lights as an emphasis

home lighting ideas

There are many interesting ways that you could use lights in your home. One of them is the highly popular artistic light that creates the impression of an artwork the shade it creates. You most definitely heard of a forest chandelier that creates shadowy branches on wall. The best thing is that you can actually make this effect yourself. On the other hand, you can position your wall lamps in a manner that would put an emphasis on your favorite work of art or some other accessory.

Floor lamps for those who change their mind a lot

lighting ideas for your home

If you have more spacious rooms and generally love to reorganize and redecorate your interior, floor lamps can prove to be your perfect go-to lighting solution. You can easily move the floor lamps around and use them as separators and accessories that would break the monotony of an otherwise plain room. You can also play with the look of your floor lamps more than with any other type of light, since they allow for a lot of creativity and DIY projects.

Functionality and décor

There’s no doubt that your lights should be a part of your decorative home design but they also need to be functional and effective. In that respect, make sure to pick different lighting solutions for each room and your specific needs. For example, mood lighting in bedrooms is really calming and relaxing white it can provide enough brightness when necessary. On the other hand, kitchen lights should always be bright enough so that you can effortlessly prepare your meals, but not too white if you want to avoid a headache. If you’re looking for a green and efficient lighting solution, most definitely opt for LED lights. These will save energy and money in the long run. What’s more, you can find them in various shapes and colors. Some of them are even self-adhesive to make the installation easy peasy.

Statement piece

your home lighting ideas

Lights can also be used in both minimalistic and “over the top” homes as statement pieces. Of course, this means that you should put a bit more effort in finding your perfect lighting solution that will fulfill this role properly. But the final look is definitely worth it because statement lights have the power to make the home look really close to the ones in the pages of your favorite interior design magazine.

Natural light is necessary for your health and well-being, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect artificial lights. Actually, sufficient light and brightness is essential for boosted mood and energy throughout the day. Because of that, don’t feel like you have to sacrifice your personal taste over functionality or vice versa. With so many lighting options on the market, you can easily have the best of both worlds.


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