7 Terrific Tips to Completely Transform Your Bedroom

transform bedroom

Bored of your bedroom’s appearance? Has it looked exactly the same for the past decade? Maybe it’s time for a change…

The way a bedroom looks can grow very stagnant over a long period of time. Without change, it can eventually lose that sense of interest. However with a few minor modifications, your most treasured cosy place can be changed. No more mundane mediocrity. It’s time to look a million dollars!

Luckily for you, here are seven simple suggestions to help transform your bedroom into that paradise you have always dreamt of.

Furniture placement

The placement of furniture within a bedroom is key. It can be the difference between your room looking like royalty or utterly ridiculous. Be smart about these kinds of arrangements. Place your furniture in a tactical manner making it look bigger. Spread the furniture out and keep it away from any in-swinging doors. The more spacious it is, the more presentable it appears.

Bright colour combination

When you step foot into a bedroom, you want to be left speechless. A dull colour combination will not light up your eyes. However, a bright colour combination and a team of Interior Designers will do just the trick! Bright colours signify happiness and provide a cheerful mood within the room. Embrace it!

flowers bedroom transformation

Fresh flowers and lush lamps

Every bedroom needs that light warming touch to light it up. The most complimentary way to achieve this is to include a vase of fresh flowers. Pleasant and refreshing, this delightful example simply works wonders for the eyes. The addition of some truly luscious lamps dotted on your bedside table and by the window would only highlight this further.

Bed design and preparation

When it comes to your bedroom, bed design and preparation is everything! We suggest bold coloured bed sheets and thrown on pillows. Also, the purchase of cotton bed sheets would increase comfort values. Has your bedroom looked precisely the same for the past decade? Are you tired of your cat scratching your blinds? Maybe it’s time for a change, or perhaps you only need cat proof blinds, the way a bedroom looks can grow very stagnant over a long period. Without change, it can eventually lose that sense of interest. However, minor modifications can change your most treasured, cozy place. No more mundane mediocrity. It’s time to look like a million dollars!

Brand new headboard

A brand new headboard can add several new values to a bedroom. It can increase elegance and add sophistication. They are perfect for those of you with a kingsize bed too. They are also ideal for adding individuality to your bedroom – unique headboard designs are wonderful.

Opt for some vertical blinds

Maybe curtains aren’t your thing anymore. Maybe like your bedroom, they have grown stagnant and a new leash of life is needed. We suggest an investment in some vertical blinds. Sleek and elegant, you can choose from a host of different colours, styles and finishes to perfect your room.

completely transform bedroom

Additional furniture

Having already mentioned its placement, it wouldn’t hurt one to invest in some brand new additional furniture. If you have the available space, the inclusions of a sofa, an armchair or a coffee table would bring an alternative value to your bedroom. It would also increase the social aspect of your bedroom.

Now the next time you open your eyes, we can pretty much guarantee it will be with a smile.


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