3 Biggest Moving Mistakes You Need To Avoid

biggest moving mistakes

Moving house, even if it’s just to the other side of town, is often a stressful and complex experience. Even when you plan everything in meticulous detail, there are all kinds of potential pitfalls and things that can go wrong. If you’re in charge of a move for the first time, you’ll obviously want everything to go as smoothly as possible. Here are three big mistakes you need to avoid.

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Failing to Hire the Pros

When a lot of people have to organize a move for the first time, their finances are in a bit of a chaotic place. They may have left all the tasks related to the mortgage a little late, or bought a load of new furniture and appliances when they really couldn’t afford it. After all that, it’s natural to look at the rates from professional movers and go pale! Yes, you may be able to save money by hiring a van and doing the physical moving work yourself. However, you’ll only be making things difficult for yourself in the long run. Getting the angle wrong as you take things upstairs can damage the paint, your kids can be careless with the fine china, and all kinds of other things can go wrong. To make sure you avoid any big disasters, always hire a professional moving firm like Gilbert Movers.

Forgetting About Rush Hour

With millions of people moving house every year, there can often be moving “traffic jams” at certain times of the year. A large chunk of this takes place in the spring and summer, which is when the most reputable and experienced movers quickly get booked up. We’ve already gone over the importance of hiring a professional moving company. If you leave your planning to the last minute, you may find that all the best companies are booked up. This can mean you’ll have to settle for a less professional firm, or even worse hire a vehicle and do a haphazardly DIY job! The minute you know you’re going to move, you should be calling up companies and making sure you have a guaranteed slot.

Forgetting Your Survival Kit

A moving survival kit is essential if you want the first couple of days to go as smoothly as possible for everyone in your family. This should simply be a suitcase containing all the bare necessities you’ll need for that first 48 hours. Pack all your toiletries, tools you’ll need for assembling furniture and other quick DIY jobs, some essential information about your new area, the soft toys your kids absolutely can’t sleep without. A good way to get this together is to run through all the things you’d usually take with you on vacation, and pack them. Everyone’s going to be stressed out by the time the last box comes in, and you’re not going to want to root through your masses of stuff finding the bare necessities. When you take the time to put a moving survival kit together, it will all be in one place.


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