How to Make your Towels Fresh, Soft, and Clean

make your towels clean

Nothing can beat covering yourself in soft fluffy terry following a bath, but if not appropriately cared for, towels can start looking smelling worse and drab, leaving you feeling less than neat. A towel’s thick fibers wick moisture – and normally everything that comes with it – deep into its core, making the dark, damp conditions perfect for bacteria growing. Usually, bath towels stop smelling fresh after the first couple of usages and start to smell dirty and gross by the tenth (10th) use. To make things easy please read till end what Needoftheday has to say.

Try to Wash Before First Use

Try to wash brand new Luxury towels in hot or warm water before using to remove extra residues and dyes from manufacturing. Some fabricators even use some sort of special fabric softener on towels to make them look extra soft and fluffy on the shelf, but these decrease absorbencies.

Swap Fabric Softeners with Regular Vinegar

Fabric softeners consist of silicon that will make towels water resistant, so they wouldn’t get as good a wash. Instead, make softer your towels by using 1 cup of white vinegar for about each 6 weeks; this will take away the soapy residue that causes towels feel rough, bringing back softness whilst restoring them to complete absorbency. Just run the towels over a regular washing cycle, then repeat them using vinegar in place of soap.

Experiment to Use Baking Soda

This will benefit loosen up fibers and clean off any grime or chemicals, making your towels fluffy. Just blend half (1/2) a cup of baking soda powder with your regular quantity of detergent. As an additional bonus, baking soda naturally removes musty scents that may have built up. Suppose, if you have left damp towels in a pile on the bathroom floor or resting around in a gym bag.

Keep Towels Softer

Try to use minimum detergent or a milder detergent like borax. You may also mix a one-quarter cup of baking soda or regular white vinegar to the wash, which can get rid of detergent buildup and residues.

Maintain Your Washing Machine Neat

Your washing machine at home could be the cause of dirty smells in your laundry containing your bath towels. Washing machines also can be storehouses for dead cells and germs that are dropped from clothing. Odors can also get captured within crevices and cracks in your washing machine. The ideal way to get your washing machine tidy and smell free are to run a washing cycle using simple tap water and a half (1/2) a cup of bleach.

Fabric Really Matters

You should get to know the most common towel fabrics.

  • Supima Cotton: Nearly as soft as Egyptian cotton but lives longer lasting.
  • Egyptian Cotton: Strong fibers, Dense that creates the supreme absorbency and softness.
  • Turkish Cotton: Very durable, boasting a natural shine.
  • Organic Cotton: Sustainably obtained; superiority depends on the kind of cotton.
  • Microfiber: Lacks plushness but Extra-quick-drying synthetic.
  • Bamboo Viscose: Antibacterial and Sustainable; lustrous and fast drying.

Did You Know?

The value of a towel is calculated by its GSM (grams per square meter), vary between about 600 on the high end to 300 on the low end.

What to Prevent

To preserve the first-class quality and performance of your bath towels, prevent bleaching agents and fabric softeners since these coat the natural threads. Also, save your towels away from personal care and household cleaners products that consist of alpha hydroxyl or benzoyl peroxide or acids for the reason that these may cause staining.

Avoid washing your towels with products that could snag or pull the fabric. These include dresses with hooks, zippers, or Velcro. For good results, donate a load of wash to towels only.


Your towels work like horses. Subject to frequent washing and daily use, it is certain that they will sooner or later start looking tired. Plan accordingly: Change your bath linens about each one and a half to two years. We would suggest better donating your old towels to your neighboring animal shelter or re-use them as cleaning pieces. good for the environment, Good for you.

There you have it – the remedy to the age-old query ‘How do I keep towels soft, fluffy and fresh?’ Follow these self-help tips and trick by the experts at Needoftheday and your towels will remain fluffy and plush to their whole lives. For more advice, visit our towel section.


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