No Money is No Problem Cheap Ways to Create Luxury Home

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Do you think it’s impossible to furnish and decorate a home when you’re on a budget? Do you think that luxury requires a lot of money? Fortunately, that’s not always the case; you can create a luxurious home without breaking the bank, but it does require some careful planning. If you’re dreaming about having a beautiful home full of wonderful furniture and charming details, here are a few tips to help you fulfill that dream.

Plan ahead

Before you make any decisions or any calls, you have to make a plan. This means doing some math and figuring out just how much money you can spend in total. Be strict and don’t be too carefree thinking “Oh if I need more, I’ll just borrow some from my friends/parents”. This is the easiest way to get too tangled up in debts and who knows how long it will take you to get back on your feet. So, money first, and after that, think about what you need in your home: lamps, rugs, a couch, a bed… Spend at least a day going through stores and checking out the prices of everything you need, and look for sales and discounts – it will help you a lot.

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Less is more

You have heard that less is more – it’s a highly valued concept when it comes to fashion and makeup, but also when it comes to design and decorating. You don’t need a room full of trinkets and carpets to achieve the air of luxury. Remember those great designer stores and offices which only have a couple of pieces of furniture but which nonetheless give off the air of luxury. If your home is not big and spacious, the simplest and easiest way is to hang mirrors on walls. This way, the rooms will appear to be bigger, and they will also be brighter. What is more, you can spray gold paint onto mirror frames and get that vintage look that seems so expensive.

Treat yourself

Of course, you will not be able to save money on everything, but if you make a really good plan you won’t even have to. If your budget allows you, after you have bought all the essential pieces for good prices, you can treat yourself with a really luxurious item. We’re talking paintings from unknown (or less known) artists, beautiful designer pots, or an antique coffee table. This one piece you buy will certainly draw attention no matter where you place it, and it speaks volumes: you are a person who pays so much attention to details, that even the simplest things such as pots are designer.

The key is in details

You don’t have to have designer couches and carpets in order to make your room seem stylish and luxurious. You only have to make sure you have the details right. Use old wine glasses as centerpieces on your coffee table; fill them with colorful rocks and shells, and tie a bow around them. Don’t overload your shelves, but try placing a couple of simple vases and books which you can arrange by colour. Go to the store and buy some colorful materials which you can use to make pillowcases for your cushions – you can even use silk or faux fur.

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Paint your lampshades

Lams are wonderful – they cast the softest light all over your room and allow you to read without having to turn on the light in the middle of the night. Another great thing is that they can be transformed from plainest to the most elegant pieces simply by changing the lampshade. Buy an inexpensive paper shade in your local store and paint it some bright color like red or turquoise, or add some glitter or stickers on it. Not only will the atmosphere be more romantic in an instant, but your home will look more stylish than ever.

Creativity will get you far, and as long as you’re creative and ready to improvise when it comes to decorating your home, you don’t have to worry about it being stylish and luxurious. It’s important to know what you want, but it is equally important to know when your dreams are difficult to fulfill. Know your limits, but work within them in such way that they seem non-existent.


Emma Joyce –  Emma B. Joyce is blogger based in Australia. She is a true home decor and DIY fanatic. Emma is interested in music and also is a big reading enthusiast. Finding new designs and patterns is her daily task. She got hooked on home accessories and decorations during her traveling and now cannot stop searching for new inspiration.


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