Few important tips to help you buy decorative security door for home

Few important tips to help you buy decorative security door for home
Few important tips to help you buy decorative security door for home

Do you like to always keep your front doors open? You may do it to let the fresh breeze enter your house. However, there is one important aspect that you need to into consideration; this is something that may attract intruders to your house. So, what options do you have to get safety for your house? There isn’t really much to worry about it, as you have these decorative security doors available these days. These doors would serve dual purposes; they would let the air and light into your house and at the same time would ensure its safety and security with style.

There are different kinds of security doors available these days, as a result, you have too many options to play with. While selecting these doors, you must answer 2 important questions

1. Does the door offer optimum level of security?
2. Is it fancy enough?

The reason why you need to consider the second option is because you would be installing it in your home. You would not want a boring, mechanical look right at the main entrance! Therefore, go for the ones which are fancy and add to the decor of your main gate

decorative security door
Things to Consider before buying security door

When you plan on purchasing fancy security doors, there are certain aspects which you need to take into consideration. They include some of the technicalities of the door along with its design.

Infill: When it comes to the infill they are available in different kinds of materials like stainless steel mesh, aluminum perforated sheet, aluminum grille or normal steel. The recent trends in the market are structural grade aluminum perforated sheets, which according to the experts are considered to be as good as a mesh made of stainless steel.

Frame: This is one of the most important aspects that you need to take in consideration. Normally, the frames are made of either steel or aluminum. When it comes to the security doors, the ones made of steel are considered to be very effective. When it comes to the steel made doors, it is recommended to go for the ones which are resistant to rust. Talking about aluminum, they are not likely to be affected by rust. Whatever material you choose, make sure that there is a receiver channel present in the frame which is quite deep, so that the grilles can easily fit inside and the edge of the grille does not come out of the frame.

Locks: When it comes to choosing the locks, go for the ones which come with five pin cylinder. These days, there are locks available in the market which is available with a warranty of up to 25 years.

Hinges: The door should have fixed hinges, at least 3 of them. It is recommended to go for ones that have slightly bigger pins.

Wind Chains: It is important for the doors to have wind chains as they prevent the door from opening too far when there is a strong wind blowing.

Powder Coating or Paint: These are the 2 options available to you. Paints are commonly used, however, it is recommended to use powder coating steel as they last for a very long period of time.

Mitered corners: The top and bottom corners should be made of solid steel and they shouldn’t be hollow. With hollow corners, there are chances that water might penetrate inside the frame and damage it.

These are some of the important aspects that you need to take into consideration while buying a fancy security door.


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