Indispensable Additions That Make Your Home A Modern Castle

home modern castle

Your home is your castle. It’s where you lay your head at night and where you take refuge. It’s where you eat, where you spend time with your loved ones and more besides. It’s where you feel safe, and where you start each day. So naturally, at home you want to feel like you are in a place of power.

Okay, so maybe not quite this grand…

The other thing that some homes have in common with most castles is that they aren’t in the same condition they were when first built. Through one thing and another, the intervening years and the weather, they aren’t as secure. They don’t look the same. You’re often not as warm there. And sometimes the cost of bringing it up to date can seem like a king’s ransom.

While we seem, as a human race, to have decided we aren’t building castles anymore, the principles remain. A home needs to be secure, and stand firm against the elements. It needs to be somewhere we can entertain. While time has moved on, some things are still true. We want to use the best equipment and the best materials to make sure our homes are still our castles.

Back in the castle building days, our ancestors did their best with the stone that was available and whatever else came to hand. The reason castles are shaped as they are, is because that’s what the materials allowed. Now, with more materials than ever before, we can build and remodel homes that will last for longer – and be more versatile.

Giving Your Home A Summer Touch – Add A Pergola

When you look at the exterior of your home, the first thing you think is that it needs to be secure. But one thought that comes later is more seductive altogether – an outside entertaining space. Whether you’re having a party, or just have some friends around, a pergola is a perfect addition to a home. While a patio is more exposed, a pergola provides shade and shelter. It’s a perfect vantage point from which to look onto the garden.

One way to ensure that the pergola is long-lasting, and does not become a point of weakness in the house, is to choose the right materials. A treated form of PVC may be the best approach in this regard. It can look stylish and is durable. You can have details added in other materials to make it fit in with the home.

Defending Yourself Against Winter – Add A Canopy Or Surround

When you step outside your home in the dead of winter, it can feel like stepping from a shelter into a storm. Indeed, sometimes it can literally be exactly that. Adding a canopy around areas which are most exposed to the elements is important for your own comfort. Not only that, though. It is important for the protection of your house. Constant rain, strong winds and extremes of temperature can hasten structural demise.

When adding a canopy, or a structural surround, using fiberglass is always a wise bet. It is extremely hard-wearing and versatile. This can offer protection to areas of the home that could otherwise be at risk from erosion and water ingress. Providers such as AFM Ltd are experts in creating innovative solutions for people who need to make an addition to their homes.

Putting Additional Security In Place: Replacing Old Features

Studies often show that burglaries happen more often in homes that have ageing external features. A major reason for this is that those features are easier to breach. It’s not just that windows are harder to break. Window frames, and door jambs, are easier to move in order to trigger locks. It is important, if you want your home to be secure, to ensure that this is not a weak point for you.

If necessary, you may need to replace the existing windows and doors. Windows that are reinforced with materials like Plexiglass are a wise choice. So too are doors not made from wood – which is liable to shrink and expand due to weather – or metal, which is heavy and potentially damaging to the frame. Again, fiberglass and PVC have aesthetic and security benefits.

Your home really is your castle – and so of course you want it both to look good and keep you safe. Making sure that it is up to scratch on both these fronts needn’t cost the earth. Any cost you find in making this happen will be more than recouped in savings on heating costs and benefit from additional security.


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