Spruce Up Your Home Ready For Selling

Spruce Up Your Home Ready For Selling
Spruce Up Your Home Ready For Selling

It can feel like a bit of a waste putting time, effort and money into a house that you’re moving out of. But actually, this is money well spent. A little time devoted to repairs and finishing touches can add thousands onto the valuation.

spruce up the home to sell

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If you’re looking to sell your house fast, there’s always the option of using a company which pays cash for houses. However, if you’re going to go down the traditional route using an estate agent, then be patient and sit tight. Unfortunately, house sales can take longer than you think. Here are some of the ways you can improve your property to get it sold quicker, and get the best possible price.

Clean and Declutter

Decluttering your home, and getting rid of anything that’s no longer useful is the first step. This means you’re not having to maneuver around junk or go through the effort of packing it and moving it, just to throw it away at the other end. Start packing any nonessential items into boxes. This will help make your home look neater for those viewing the home and gives you a head start when you do eventually make the sale. If you don’t have space, consider hiring a storage unit to keep things until you move.

Repaint The Walls

A coat of paint is one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform a home. Go for a light neutral color which will appeal to most people. This will also make your home look bigger, brighter and airier which buyers want. This would have an especially high impact if your walls were currently painted a dark color. But either way, it will make the entire home look cleaner and fresher. Buyers will see this as one less job for them to do which is likely to attract more interest.

Finish any Repairs

Any repairs should be taken care of before selling. Even very minor things like chips and cracks could knock thousands off the price. This is because even if it’s not a big problem, buyers will assume it is and may believe it will be expensive to fix. This could lead to them putting in a lower offer or losing interest altogether.

Dress The Rooms

Finally, dressing the rooms properly is crucial. The trick is to make your home appeal to as many people as possible, so get rid of any personal trinkets and possessions. Instead decorate with generic items such as plants, a clock, a rug and cushions to make the rooms look homely without looking like ‘your home.’ Buyers will want to be able to envision themselves here, and so removing any distractions such as family photos and children’s toys is essential.

Sort The Outside

Clean the windows, mow the lawn, remove any litter and generally have a tidy outside. Don’t forget, this is what your buyers will see first before they’ve even stepped into the home. Make sure it looks neat and well kept. Faded paint on the front door or garage doors could easily be topped up with a new coat to make them look fresh and new again. Your home’s curb appeal is important, so don’t let it be overlooked.


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