6 DIY Tips for Air Conditioner Repairs or Services

6 DIY Tips for Air Conditioner Repairs or Services
6 DIY Tips for Air Conditioner Repairs or Services

There are sometimes when the air conditioner gives problems but not necessarily do all home owners have to spend a fortune to get these problems fixed. At most times, the home owner can attempt DIY repairs.

Ways to conduct A/c repairs. You can do too.

  1. Check the Settings

The window or the central air units have a thermostat to control the temperature and a fan-only option as well. The dial needs to be set too cool or the thermostat is to be kept at a lower temperature than the normal room temperature. The dial should also be in a cool position and not in the Fan Only position.

  1. Checking of the breaker and outdoor electrical box

The breaker has to be checked to see it has not tripped in case of the central air circuit and this is to be done at the breaker box. Some systems also have outdoor electrical boxes which have a lever switch. This is either a plastic box or metal one near the wall near the fan and condenser unit which is outdoors. The breaker is to be checked in case it has tripped and the lever is to be checked to see that it is not tampered with. Insects, small birds may build nests in the boxes or some kids may shut it off without knowing.

  1. Coils and filter checking

If there are dirty or blocked coils which are on the outdoor condenser unit these will not allow efficient release of heat and so the AC will not perform well. The same happens with dirty filters. Therefore, filters need to be cleaned and changed. Outdoor coils should be sprayed with a garden hose. Professionals use liquid acid which eats away grime on coils but even hosing down with the garden hose should do. If there are leaves, plants or any object which blocks the air movement, this should be removed.

If there are dirty coils which are inside the central air unit, this needs to be undertaken by a professional. In case there is no air or very little air which is coming out of vents, in spite of the indoor fan blower working, then it means that the indoor coils are blocked by either dirt or they have frozen and so air movement is being blocked. This requires a professional to work upon it.

  1. Coils which are frozen

The compressor is to be shut off by turning the thermostat to a temperature which is much higher than the room temperature or it can be done by switching to Fan only mode. When the indoor blower fan has worked for few hours, the ice buildup gets thawed and the system will start working. However, this is usually caused due to dirty coils or low refrigerant or a blocked drain.

  1. Furnace problems

When you want to check if the problem you are facing is not due the furnace, you need to set the thermostat to the cooling mode at temperature which has a very low setting. In case the furnace fan starts to kick in then it means the problem is not due to the furnace. In case the fan still does not run, and then the furnace circuit breaker needs to be reset. In case the fan still does not run, a professional is needed to handle the job.

  1. Easy fixes

If there is no cold air, then you need to see the registers which are in the house are open. The furnace filter needs to be checked to see if it is clean. The outdoor condenser coils should be clean. Incase several of the registers were closed or if the furnace filter was clogged, the evaporator coil could ice up and prevent cooling from taking place.

For more details, you can search through the reliable online portals, to get more ideas about air-conditioning repairs or services.


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