Attractive Ways To Add Privacy To Your Home & Yard

Attractive Ways To Add Privacy To Your Home & Yard
Attractive Ways To Add Privacy To Your Home & Yard

It’s very difficult to live in a world of privacy without seeming like you’re alienating everyone else. You value your alone time, but you don’t necessarily want to cut everyone else out. Unfortunately, your harsh curtains and big, menacing fences suggest otherwise. It’s not that difficult to get around this. All you need to do is search a little deeper, and you’ll find some great ways to add privacy in an attractive fashion.

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Privacy Screens

You’ve probably seen these before. They’re attractive-looking screens that sit outside the home and are easily maneuverable. They still allow a certain degree of visibility, but also provide enough privacy to satisfy your needs. So, the neighbors won’t necessarily think that you’re being rude, but just that you need some time to yourself. They’re for the yard, however – they’re not going to work inside.

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But, shutters will work inside! The great thing about shutters is that they come in all different shapes and sizes. You can find something that suits your needs, compliments the home and doesn’t seem too obtrusive. Also, places like Shutter Secure even offer shutters with burglar proof qualities. You might just be able to satisfy your privacy and security needs in one fell swoop.


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Extend The Roofline

I bet you didn’t see this one coming, right? Instead of going to extra effort outside the home, you could extend the roofline. This will create a limited view from the side of the house, allowing you more privacy. Also, it provides you with more options to get creative outside of the home. You might just be able to design an additional outdoor space that is resistant from the weather. Maybe you might build a kitchen for the summer months? We’ll leave that choice in your hands.


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Get Creative With Plants

When it comes to your yard, the amount of privacy you get is largely down to how you keep it. Are you willing to customize your garden, so it obstructs the view to your yard entirely? Are you willing to invest some time into creating elaborate bush designs that do the same job? Ultimately, the only thing holding you back here is your skillset and your creativity. You can create the most attractive garden in the neighborhood with full privacy qualities if you know what you’re doing. Or, get someone else to come and do it for you!

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Think About Window Films

You might find that you’ve got one or two windows that don’t need shutters, but they need something. Maybe it’s your bathroom, for example. You don’t want prying eyes peeking through the window while you’re in the bath! This is where window films can come in, obstructing the view to a significant degree. They’re not overly attractive, simply creating somewhat of a blurred effect. Still, that’s a lot better than blocking out the window entirely!

There are plenty of tools out there to assist you with adding privacy to both your home and yard. Hopefully, these tips will help your private space to appear a little less menacing in the future!


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