Ways to Remove Roots in Sewer Pipes to Keep Your House Drains Clean

Ways to Remove Roots in Sewer Pipes to Keep Your House Drains Clean
Ways to Remove Roots in Sewer Pipes to Keep Your House Drains Clean

Are you noticing that the drainage in your bathtub and sink is slow? Can you hear a gurgling sound from the toilet? If yes is that you have answered then this is a big problem and you need to find a solution for it soon. Sometimes trees and plants start growing all around your home, and their roots affect the lining of the sewer pipes.
tree root in drain

  • These adamant roots block the sewer pipes and then you need to call a professional plumber for getting the roots removed by using effective plumbing methods.
  • You might be thinking how this is possible when you do not have trees around your building. You might not believe but roots are actually attracted to your sewer lines. The main reason behind the roots getting drawn is that the pipe is full of water and other nutrients.
  • The roots grow towards this moisture in search of nutrients and hence make way into the loose joints of the pipes. It does not take them long to make the pipes their home.

Why are roots such a big problem? The reason is that is they basically hold all those things that you send through the pipes, thus clogging them. There are drain cleaning methods where the cleaning professionals come equipped with the drain cameras and the plungers with which they can carry on with the drain cleaning process.

Some Hacks and Prevention Tips That You Should Consider:

  • One important prevention tip for you to make certain there are no roots in sewer pipes is that know where the pipes are located. You can know where exactly the pipes are located by contacting the works department. It is a wise idea to know where exactly the lines, pipes as well as cables are located so that you do not face any problem in the future.
  • Another kind of prevention tip is to build a barrier between the sewer lines and the trees. There are a number of kinds of barriers that can be created between the two in order to avoid the menace. Wood and metal barriers are another type of barriers that are installed deeper to prevent the roots from entering the sewer pipes.

drain cleaning

Why do you need the Drain Cleaning Machines to get rid of the sturdy roots in drain pipes?

  • In case you are already facing this problem, then the first tip for you is to contact the professional and ask them to use their drain cleaning machine. This machine is available in the market, but it is wise on your part that you do not try doing that yourself. This machine has a rotating spiral blade head that will do the cutting. After the roots are cut, the pipe will be full of debris and the professional will effectively remove all of that.
  • The water jet, the drain cleaning scoops, the cleaning snakes and plungers are the best ways to scoop out the debris of plants, dead leaves and roots from the sewage pipes. You can also use calcium oxide to soften the debris so that they can be scooped out and cleaned very easily.

In case none of the tips work, only one option is left and that is to change the sewer pipes. If you need to call the drain cleaning professionals, then you can search from the online portals and compare the prices and the functions accordingly.


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