A Sneak Peek into Innovative and Modern Pergola Designs

A Sneak Peek into Innovative and Modern Pergola Designs
A Sneak Peek into Innovative and Modern Pergola Designs

When you are planning to build the pergolas in your dream home, you must be thinking of building it with the most modern design. You can either plan to build the pergola yourself or hire the professionals for the same. Even if you are calling the professional pergola builders, you should use your ideas and desires too. Try to incorporate your own ideas into the project, as it is your personal space, and should have that personal touch.


Discussed below are some unique modern pergola designs and ideas, which you can plan to integrate-

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Tips and Tricks to Build Innovative and Modern Pergola Designs

  1. Look for the right Spot- Before you go on building your pergola, explore your entire house. You must look at the corners of your home thoroughly, and you might get that one ideal spot to build it. Further, to make it appear a part of the rest of the landscape, you can extend the roofline of it over the deck. Thus, explore your place with an eagle’s eye!
  1. Take advantage of old tree- While you are adding a deck, you might think of that big old tree standing there. If you are planning to clear the ground completely then halt for a moment. The best thing would be to take the full advantage of what is already there. For instance, the old tree can be the best element in your yard. In fact, the tree will provide you more privacy and liberty to spend quality time with your partner.
  1. Adding a wall- Majority of the homeowners like privacy while spending time in their pergola. For this, the best option would be to add a great wall through a private fence. A simple fence will block the view and make it a complete secluded place for your family. You must know that series of container gardens actually soften up the entire look of the deck. In fact, you can plan to add a roof by hanging light fixtures, baskets and planters. It will make your pergola look cozier and will add more interest to your place.
  1. Sound of Water- The most innovative and modern pergola idea would be to add the sound of water through fountains. Of course, noise of the busy streets can be very irritating and disturbing. Thus, design your pergola in such a way that it continuously has the sound of water. Yes, even a small trickle of it would be just enough.
  1. The lush look- How about giving that lush look design to your pergola? Tropical plants can actually create a very amazing look in your pergola. These big-leaf and fast-growing plants can be a great way to enjoy a little shade yet the desired sunlight in warm-winter climates. What you can do is just grow them as houseplants and relocate them accordingly inside and outside in different seasons.


Different Materials to Build Pergola

Different types of materials are used for building pergola. These precisely include reclaimed oak beams for a traditional look, smooth stone columns, strained galvanized wires, native stone, machine rounded wooden poles, brick pillars and planed stained wood just to name a few out of many. Rest, you can gain the details and information of other materials from the builder.

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Remember, whatever design you have chosen, you must implement it fully. However, minor changes can be made to accommodate all the ideas and give your pergola a unique look. Make sure though that uniformity is maintained when it comes to overall aesthetics of your place.


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