A Specialized Air Conditioning for Commercial Space

A Specialized Air Conditioning for Commercial Space
A Specialized Air Conditioning for Commercial Space

Commercial property owners have a long checklist to go through, before they can make their property ready for any kind of business. They could be planning to use the property as a warehouse or an office space or a restaurant or simply rent it out to other business, they still have to provide some basic amenities to make their commercial property profitable for them and viable for their tenants. One of the most important items on this checklist is heating and air conditioning, and it is an important feature for any commercial property. But, just think what will be your reaction, if the new restaurant across the street smells like a fish market or a butcher’s shop, on your very first visit. Most of us will turn right back around and swore never to go back in there and will probably tell all our friends and colleagues about the bad experience.


Uses of air conditioning

Proper air conditioning is not only necessary for the success of your business, but it is also a requirement to maintain a clean space. Consider a closed place where you can expect a lot of public visiting your place, like a mall, a nightclub or a seminar hall. Without the powerful air conditioning system, with some many people breathing the same unclean air, the place is likely to become a breeding ground for air born diseases. However, if you have the right commercial air conditioning system, it will recycle the used air and filter in only clean, breathable air, all the while maintaining the required temperature and odor free environment.

So how do you select the right air conditioner for a commercial property?

Commercial air conditioning system can be divided in two major groups, first is comfort application and the second and more powerful is process application. Though, for most commercial building, which we discussed above, a comfort application is suitable. Some of its important benefits are listed below:

  • It can provide a constant environment in terms of temperature and ventilation to the inside of a building, regardless of the outside weather conditions. It could be raining or snowing or burning heat coming down from the sky, the inside of the building will maintain the same temperature all around the year.
  • Because of comfort air conditions, architects can design buildings without worrying about ways to get natural air to every corner of the building. Uniform air flow can be managed for every corner of a building with the right and a powerful air conditioning system.
  • They have also helped in our development in the ways that may be invisible to us. It is because of air conditioning systems that we now have so many tall buildings being constructed. Greater wind speed at high altitude could have made high rises impossible to ventilate.


Even though process applications are almost exclusively used as commercial air conditioning system, they don’t have much to do with consumer needs. Most of them are designed for a predefined task, regardless of the human preference or the weather conditions. The best example will be units for chemical factories or for industrial cleaning companies or data centers. They all have special needs to maintain a certain standard of service and safety. It could be from being able to maintain a fixed temperature that could easily be below zero or the air needs to be recycled faster and flow with a greater speed.

Commercial Air conditioners is used in commercial spaces. It is needless to say commercial Air conditioners must be heavy duty. There are different kinds of commercial air conditioners available to suit the requirement of different buildings. Larger three phase air conditioners are usually used for commercial purposes.

If you are planning to get this in your property, then one of the most important thing to remember while choosing an air conditioning unit is the right fit for your needs.


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