How to Relocate Using Packaging Boxes

How to Relocate Using Packaging Boxes
How to Relocate Using Packaging Boxes

Relocating or shifting seems to be the world’s toughest task. No doubt, packing your entire house and settling at a new place requires much effort and time. When you are planning to move, you usually get baffled and worried about packing the stuff. However, it is the time to think calmly and start the packing. If you cannot take up this task on your own then you can always hire a professional moving and packing company. They will help you in packing, loading and unpacking the items without any hassles.


For all the homeowners who are relocating, below discussed is a guide. It will help you in packing your belongings in the most appropriate way.

Steps to relocate using packaging boxes


To start with, you will first have to be ready with the required supplies including moving boxes, marking pens, scissors, newspapers, bubble wrap, tape measure and packing tape. Now follow the following steps.

  • Start early- If you think that you can pack your entire stuff just two or three days before relocating then you are wrong. You need to start early, if you do not want to forget the essentials. You can start by doing a room a day to keep it organized. Make sure that you pack the important items first.
  • Keep only essentials- While you are packing your stuff, you should try to get rid of the items that you have not used for over a year. For instance, if you have those old flower vases, broken chair kept for repairing, torn and unused books, old tube lights and empty paint boxes, just throw them away. These things should not reserve a place in your new home. Think thin!
  • Labeling- When you are relocating using the packaging boxes, it is important to label every box. You should label the box with the specific room it has to go in and the type of stuff it holds. Keep the fragile items in a separate box and label it accordingly. Try avoiding too many ‘miscellaneous’ labels. You must try to be specific as much as you can, as it will help you in unpacking the right box at the right time.
  • Packing heavy and light items- While packing heavy items make sure you place them at the bottom of the packaging boxes and place the lighter ones on the top in order to prevent any kind of serious damage. It is advisable to use as much newspaper as you can in between the items to keep them safe while moving.
  • Fill the cartons- It is important not to overfill the cartons, as you cannot close them well. On the other hand, if you have left any carton under filled then it is going to get crushed when stacked. Thus, it is important that you fill the carton accurately and if there is a small space left at the top, you can fill it with a blanket, towel or newspapers.
  • Last on, first off- Yes, the things that you need right away after you have reached your new home should be loaded at the end. For instance, you must pack towels, soap, toothbrush, shampoo, drinking cups, utensils, notepad and pen etc. in a separate carton and load it after you have loaded everything else first. After reaching to the destination, you can unload and unpack it on priority.

With the right packaging boxes, it will become much easier for you to relocate. However, you need to buy the right type of boxes and a variety of sizes, so you can fit all your items of various sizes and shapes in them.


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