Creative Ways to Get Organized and Store Your Belongings

Creative Ways to Get Organized and Store Your Belongings
Creative Ways to Get Organized and Store Your Belongings

Wherever you live and whatever kind of home you have, we all gather clutter. Life just fills with ‘stuff’ and we collect it all in our homes. Some of us can be better at keeping organized with it all. Quite a few of us will not be so good at it, though. So being able to sort through your belongings every now and again is a great idea. As for the rest of the time, you just need to think about storage and where you can put it all. So here are a few fun ideas to inspire you to get sorted with your things at home.

DIY Drawer Dividers

Use Organizers in Drawers

You can get different kinds of organizers or sorters for drawers and cabinets. Think about what you already have a lot of, though. Do you have some old jewelry boxes or shoe boxes? Take off the lids and they can be used to create dividers and organizers for in drawers. You can arrange your jewelry, makeup, toiletries, and even just your socks. Then you know where everything is and it is all nice and organized; not cluttering up the space. You can also buy flatware organizers for your kitchen pretty cheap. So you could buy a few of those and use them to organize craft room drawers, bathroom drawers, and study or office drawers. In addition to this, you can use customized labels to name the drawers and make sure you know the contents within them prior to having to open them up!

Spice Up Your Life

Spice racks and spice containers can be used in a number of ways at home. The racks can be nailed to the wall and painted any color that you like. They work well for storage for simple things like magazines, recipe book or toiletries. They work well as arrangements for jewelry too. They can have small hooks screwed into them that you can then hang necklaces or bracelets off. Spice jars are great to use for little trinkets and things like crafts. So if you are a keen DIY-er, then they can be filled with glitter, stickers, and gems, for example. Then use a rack to store them all in, in your room. Such a simple way to organize and cheap to do too! Spice racks from somewhere like are only a couple of dollars.

walk in closet

Tension Rods

These are a great way to organize at home. They can be used in cabinets and units to keep things like pots and pans organized; just add some hooks to it. They can keep your cleaning products organized but just hooking spray bottles onto them. They are also great to create more space in a wardrobe too.

If you find that you just have too much to organize, but don’t want to get rid of things just yet, there are options. You could put things into storage. Then you can just access it as and when you need it. You could look at somewhere like Then you can see what costs you would be looking at.

Have you got any fun or creative ways to store your belongings at home? If so, I’d love to hear.


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