Publicity Party Planning Made Simple

Publicity Party Planning Made Simple
Publicity Party Planning Made Simple

Have you ever thrown a really big party and found that people are still talking about it long after it’s over? Do you love to host big events? If you’re good at it, chances are you can put your talents to good use for your employer or for yourself. Many celebrities and businesses use publicity parties to promote new products or services. They can use them to promote their upcoming projects. A party event can help to make sure they are still very much in the minds of their fans or customers.

When it comes to throwing a big party or event for the purposes of promotion, you must stay focused on your purpose. Entertaining your guests while they are there is essential but it’s really important you tie in their enjoyment with your brand. You might serve them their drinks in logo or branded glasses. Maybe the waiting staff are wearing a uniform that features your image or logo too.


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Balloons and other decorations should also feature your company name or logo. Try to colour match with your company colours. Are you planning on handing out junkets or party gifts? Think about the kind of merchandise that will support your current campaign or message. If you’re about to launch a new website, that web address should be prominent everywhere.

Guests will look to enjoy themselves. Why not hire something like a Melbourne Memories Photo Booth? Give your guests some hats, tees, wigs and other fun dress-up items with your brand on them. Then direct them to the booth so they can take home and share plenty of group photos of them wearing your logo or merchandise. Party events are perfect for companies and personalities. It’s great if you’re looking to appeal to young, fun-loving people too.

You might hire some bands or performance artists to keep your guests entertained. It can be a good idea to audition the people you sign to perform and agree on the contracts well before the event. They may bring their own sound systems and lighting. However, don’t assume what they have will suit the entire venue. You should also plan to stage your own lighting as well.

When you’re throwing a publicity or promotional event, your guest list is incredibly important. You may want to find a social media influencer to attend your event. They will talk about the event and what you’re doing through social media. Make sure you have someone who is happy to talk about and endorse your project. You may even invite some magazine or other press journalists to attend. They will need a full press release before the event. You can find out how to write one online.

This kind of marketing can be enormously effective for product launches or even relaunches. Perhaps you’re looking to make a name for yourself, promote your blog, or launch your own fashion label. Keep focused on your message and be sure that there are plenty of opportunities for guests to engage with your brand in a fun way. Events like these can be quite expensive so consider how you will measure the success of this kind of marketing activity.




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