Become A Whizz In The Kitchen With This Guide

Become A Whizz In The Kitchen With This Guide
Become A Whizz In The Kitchen With This Guide

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy restaurant style quality meals when you’re at home, without spending nearly as much money? This is why so many people like getting into cooking. Not only is a great way to impress friends, family, and dates, you can also treat yourself to delicious meals whenever you want. This guide will help you to become a whizz in the kitchen. Enjoy!


Invest In Tools To Make Your Life Easier


There are so many kitchen tools that will make your life easier. While this isn’t the most important step, and a workman shouldn’t blame his tools, the right ones will definitely help. Some amazing kitchen tools you can use include:

  • Timers.
  • Scales and measuring cups.
  • Apps.
  • Quality cutlery.
  • Mixing bowls, pans, and other utensils.
  • A mixer/blender.


There are lists you can use online. Make sure you read up on reviews so you know what the best value for money is when it comes to your budget. Sharp knives are one very important bit of kit, and you can click here to read more about them. No matter what budget you have, you’ll be able to find tools that are right for you.


Stick To Simple Recipes To Begin With


Starting off with simple recipes will get you in the swing of things and make you more confident. Timing is everything when it comes to cooking, so pick something that doesn’t require you to cook 5 different things at once at first. Maybe choose something with a short prep time and minimal ingredients. Don’t try to run before you can walk. Focus on making simple dishes as well as you possibly can.




Begin Experimenting When You Feel Confident


When you feel confident, you can start experimenting. You can move on to more complicated dishes, and even put your own spin on things. They might not work out all the time, but that’s how you learn and get better at cooking!


Season Foods Properly


One of the worst things you can do is fail to season your food properly, or worse, not at all! By seasoning your foods properly, you’ll really enhance the flavours of the dish and create the right taste. You can add spices for heat, and herbs for different flavours and colour. Fresh seasonings will always taste better, but there’s no shame in using dry. Especially if you feel like it will all go to waste. Alternatively, you can freeze fresh herbs and then get them out when you want to use them. Don’t underestimate what a bit of salt and pepper, and even a squeeze of lemon/lime can do. Bear in mind there’s also a fine line between seasoning and over seasoning. Using too much garlic, chilli, or salt can ruin a dish.



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Experiment With Different Methods Of Cooking


Different methods of cooking can change the consistency, texture, and even taste of a dish. You can try oven baking, grilling, frying, barbecuing – the list goes on. Experiment with different methods to find your favourite for each dish. Although some people turn their nose up at the microwave, it can be a helpful tool to have in the kitchen too. Just don’t depend on it! Cooking things with the oven and other methods that take a little longer usually create better quality dishes than the microwave.


Practice Presentation Too


Although the taste of your dish is what really matters, the presentation is important too. The presentation can make your dish look more appetising, and even make people subconsciously think it’s more delicious. People don’t only eat with their mouths; they eat with their eyes too. Practice your presentation to make your dishes look really professional. Using white plates is a good idea, as it brings out the colours of the dish and makes everything look cleaner. You can look online to find some more presentation ideas if you need inspiration. Don’t be afraid to get creative and put your own spin on things!


These tips will help you to become a whizz in the kitchen. If you’re really serious, you could also take a few classes and workshops to hone your skills. The key is to keep practicing and experimenting, until you have some great recipes and ingredients in your arsenal. Then you can really begin to surprise and delight people with your cooking skills! If you have any cooking tips of your own that have helped you to get better, make sure you leave a comment below. Bye for now!




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