Make Your Home More Energy Efficient And Save Money With This Handy Guide

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient And Save Money With This Handy Guide
Make Your Home More Energy Efficient And Save Money With This Handy Guide

Your home can be costing you a lot of money each month. No matter how savvy you are with you are with your bills your home can still be costing you money each month. You may be wondering how that’s possible. But actually money escapers your home without you even realising. This is because you haven’t made it as energy efficient as it could be. When taking additional precautions not only will your home be more efficient, but it will save you even more money on the bills. So what are you waiting for? Follow this guide.


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Insulate your property


Insulating your property is one of the ways you can save money on heat escaping. Without proper insulation in the roof, loft areas or walls drafts can get in an precious heat can radiate out of your home. This makes you want to use more energy by cranking the heat up. However, installed insulation can keep the heat inside your home. Helping you use less energy overall.


Consider alternative heating solutions


Many people tend to use radiators and heaters to keep their homes warm in the colder months. However, sometimes these options don’t circulate the heat well enough. Making you want to use up more energy by increasing the temperature of the heating. However, the best indoor heating solutions are often the ones that you don’t consider. Things like underfloor heating and fireplaces often can circulate the heat better in a home, while using less energy.


Replace old windows and doors


Many people have older windows in their property but this can be your biggest waste in money when it comes to energy bills. That is because heat can escape through them very easily and drafts can enter your home. This si why consider more energy efficient windows could save you money in the long run. Double glazing and UPVC fittings can be a great solution to create a more energy efficient home.


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Utilise the way you dress your window space


Blinds and curtains aren’t just for decoration. They can have a positive effect on your energy bills. This is because drawn curtains and blinds can often keep heat from escaping, and also stop a room warming up in the summer months. Keeping the rooms cool and dark can save on your use of air conditioning.


Consider solar panels


Adding solar panels to your property is an alternative way to generate energy in the home. From powering your lamps and lights through to heating your hot water for a shower. They can be a one stop solution to reducing your energy bills once and for all.


Save rainwater


Finally, many of us use a lot of water during the summer months. Especially for things like watering your plants and lawn. This is where having a rainwater tank can be helpful, and save you money. It allows you to make use of water that would be wasted otherwise.


I hope this guide helps you create a more energy efficient home. Saving you more money each month.





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